Newly Appointed Materials Science Engineering Faculty

Welcome to our newly appointed faculty members! Read below to find out about their research interests, their primary appointments and what they are delving into at Boston University. Abigail Plummer, Assistant Professor (ME, MSE) Professor Plummer combines theory, experiment and simulation in her research to explore how materials deform and adapt in complex environments. The […]

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Jonas Hall: Implementing an Optimization Solver Anyone Can Use

By Chloe Cramutola He started as a mathematician, but his engineering interests took him beyond basic numbers. “For the longest time, I was [mostly] interested in pure mathematics,” said Jonas Hall, a third year PhD student in Systems Engineering at Boston University. “I didn’t really [appreciate] applied mathematics, but I couldn’t find a field where […]

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Wong Lab Develops Smarter Cancer-Killing Cells

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PhD Candidate Wins Best Paper Award at IEEE CDC

SE PhD candidate Wei Xiao is the first author on a paper titled “Feasibility-Guided Learning for Constrained Optimal Control Problems.” The piece was published in Proceedings of 59th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and earned the Outstanding Student Paper Award.

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Klapperich Changing Boston for the Better

Named in Boston Business Journal’s List of 50 Leaders Making a Difference Catherine Klapperich and her team built a robust COVID-19 testing program with the capacity to test BU’s roughly 35,000 students every three days throughout the semester. Professor Catherine Klapperich was selected by the Boston Business Journal along with five BU alumni, another professor, and the CEO […]

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BU ECE Students receive Best Paper Award at the ASIA Conference on Computer and Communication Security 2018

Realizing that the correlation between malware and HPC traces does not establish causation, Boston University graduate students Boyou Zhou, Rasoul Jahanshahi and Anmol Gupta, under the supervision of Professors Manuel Egele and Ajay Joshi, evaluated works that propose this HPC-based methodology for malware detection.

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Innovation in Ideation

Natural disasters have plagued civilization since the beginning, and although our understanding of them has improved over the centuries, too many people still suffer at the hands of environmental unrest. Togo (a country in western Africa), for example, faces annual difficulties with flooding during the monsoon season. Unfortunately, humanitarian aid functions on a linear schedule, […]

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