Reinventing an Education in Engineering

The barriers, the boundaries, the individual silos of thinking and disciplines…you won’t find any of it at the College of Engineering. Instead, we defied tradition and created just three departments and two divisions. The result? Collaboration like never before, letting you be inspired and informed by students and faculty with different passions, insights, skills, sensibilities and curiosities. The world demands this, because with such complex issues facing us, we cannot rely on old-school, segmented thinking. The barriers are gone. The future is here. Join us and make the extraordinary happen.

Resources for Current Students

LEAP into Engineering

Late Entry Accelerated Program

Late Entry Accelerated Program (LEAP) has made it possible for students with non-engineering backgrounds to obtain a master’s degree in engineering.

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Find a Degree

Everything from PhD programs and joint majors to certificates and internship options.

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Engineered for Impact

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