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The Boston University College of Engineering has created a comprehensive corporate leadership program that allows for holistic partnerships with companies that share a strategic vision with the College. We build mutually beneficial relationships with select corporate partners, making sure investment and engagement opportunities are aligned with company goals, including access to top faculty, student recruitment, STEM outreach and more. Find out more about how to become a Corporate Leader at the College of Engineering.

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Why BU College of Engineering?

Partnering with the BU College of Engineering allows companies to realize their long-term research and innovation goals through contact with faculty experts, access to future employees at all levels of expertise, service on advisory boards, and the opportunity to offer explicit input on curriculum reform to ensure future graduates are prepared for their industry.

The College of Engineering offers several opportunities for corporate engagement, which companies can take advantage of individually or in any combination:

To explore opportunities to increase your corporate presence in the College of Engineering, please contact: Director of Industry Engagement John Hartnett, at johnhart@bu.edu.