Hariri Happenings

The vitality of the partnership between the Hariri Institute and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is reflected in ECE’s strong showing in this year’s Fellows & Focused Research Program Awards.

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Giving Your Neurons a Nudge: ECE Researchers Use Light, Sound and Microwaves to Influence Brain Function

Professors Ji-Xin Cheng and Chen Yang have two ongoing projects that could LITERALLY change your mind. The application of optoacoustic stimulation directly to specific neural circuits holds great promise for new therapeutic applications, while the inhibiting effects of microwaves on other neurological processes may offer a drug-free form of pain management.

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Ramachandran and Paschalidis Named Distinguished Professors

Two ECE faculty members have been named to the second cohort of Term Distinguished Professors of Engineering by the College, in recognition of their superlative record in both their research, and their service to the college.

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Joshua Rapp wins 2021 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award

Boston University alumnus Joshua Rapp (Ph.D. ECE ’20) has won the 2021 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award. Rapp, now a Research Scientist at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL), was a student of CISE faculty affiliate Vivek Goyal, Professor and Associate Chair of Doctoral Programs (ECE) at Boston University.  “I never imagined getting this award, and I want to credit […]

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ECE Faculty Prominent Among Research Incubation Award Recipients

Eight ECE faculty members are among the recipients of the inaugural Red Hat Collaboratory Research Incubation Awards, with a combined total of approximately $1.5M in funding for their respective projects.

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