Professor Ayse Coskun appointed Director of CISE

Professor Ayse Coskun (ECE) has been named the next Director of the Boston University Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE). Coskun will replace Yannis Paschalidis who has become the new Director for the Hariri Institute. “CISE has great strengths in the traditional areas of information & systems engineering, with core strengths in robotics and […]

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Hector Grande’s Immigrant Parents Helped Him Seize the Opportunity That Eluded Them

My First-Gen Story: In BU Todays’ occasional series My First-Gen Story, students, faculty, staff, and alumni share, in their own words, what it’s like to be a first-generation college student. In our latest installment, we hear from Hector Grande, a soon-to-be graduate from the College of Engineering who hopes to pass on what he’s learned to […]

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BU ECE Students receive Best Paper Award at the ASIA Conference on Computer and Communication Security 2018

Realizing that the correlation between malware and HPC traces does not establish causation, Boston University graduate students Boyou Zhou, Rasoul Jahanshahi and Anmol Gupta, under the supervision of Professors Manuel Egele and Ajay Joshi, evaluated works that propose this HPC-based methodology for malware detection.

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Innovation in Ideation

Natural disasters have plagued civilization since the beginning, and although our understanding of them has improved over the centuries, too many people still suffer at the hands of environmental unrest. Togo (a country in western Africa), for example, faces annual difficulties with flooding during the monsoon season. Unfortunately, humanitarian aid functions on a linear schedule, […]

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