Student Engagement & Careers

Careers, Clubs and Connections

Are you familiar with our Career Development Office? (Many employers are.) This is where you’ll find everything from one-on-one counseling to career fairs and workshops, ready to connect you with internships and full-time employment. And for other important activities that don’t necessarily deliver a paycheck, we’ll help you choose among an array of student groups, volunteer organizations and professional associations. So while you’re on the path to changing the world, we’ll help you take care of your very own world too.

Student Engagement

Want to get more involved with the College of Engineering? We have student organizations for professional organizations, honor societies, interest groups and mentorship opportunities.

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Engineering Career Development

Helping students identify and pursue their career goals, whether in industry or further study. Students can get involved as soon as they arrive on campus and partner with us throughout their journey at Boston University.

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