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The Boston University College of Engineering has a long-standing commitment to the recruitment, advancement and support of a diverse community of faculty, staff and students in all of its educational and research programs and practices. By developing an extensive network ranging from K-12 outreach programs to faculty leadership training, the College strives to include historically underrepresented groups to create a talented and versatile engineering community that is supportive to all members.

Boston University has been a GEM Fellow Organization since 1979. The College of Engineering provides full fellowships to GEM Fellow PhD students.

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First Inspiration in Research in Engineering (FIRE)

Using interactive and experiential learning methodology, FIRE will educate and inspire the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.

FIRE is a five day, hands-on camp at Boston University's College of Engineering led by BU faculty.

July 22-26
For rising 10-12th graders

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Improving society requires the participation of all segments of the population. As BU Societal Engineers, we include society to impact society. Through anti-racism efforts and support of student groups, the College is working toward fostering a more diverse faculty, staff, and student body and inclusive climate.

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