Thomas Bifano

BU’s Innovator of the Year Has Pioneered Devices to Advance Astronomy, Microscopy, Eye Exams

The director of the University’s cross-disciplinary Photonics Center, Bifano is the 14th winner of the award, given to an “outstanding faculty member who has translated world-class research into an invention or innovation that benefits humankind.” A holder of 10 patents, he’s also chief technology officer of Boston Micromachines Corporation, a company he cofounded to develop and market deformable mirrors and other optics products. More

Pioneering Pathways

"We need everyone — not just women — to contribute to addressing problems in women’s health." More

This Is Something I Can Do

Boston-area high school students spend five weeks of the summer working full-time in the labs of BME faculty researchers solving real-world problems. More

Anubhav Wadehra: Using Molten Salts to Develop a More Sustainable World

For 20 years, the small city of Chandigarh, India, charged his curiosity for science. Anubhav Wadehra graduated from Punjab Engineering College in 2017 with his bachelor's in materials and metallurgical engineering. During a six-month internship in 2016 at Boston University, he decided to take his curiosity even further.  More

Clearing the Air

For subs, spacecraft and more, Werner is working on a novel material that would capture CO2 in a targeted and efficient way. More

Machines and Health

BU engineers are combining their expertise to develop robotic and AI technologies to help solve health problems of all kinds. More

Gevelber Named a Sustainability Champion

This year’s sustainability “superhero” award winners were recognized for their significant contributions to research or practice in sustainability and climate change, as well as equity and justice. More

Lung Research Redefined

The “crystal ribcage” allows researchers a first-ever cellular-level look at the lung while it's operating normally. More

Neila Gross: Investigating Antibiotic Resistance

In August 2022, Neila Gross summited Mount Kilimanjaro. It was a grueling journey that took her five and a half days to make her way up the highest peak on the African continent and one and a half days to make her way down. On the first day, as she looked across the desolate plane where the mountain stood, uncertainty set in when she realized how far she had to go. And when she looked up and noticed that the mountain’s summit was obscured by the clouds because of its height, one thought took over: “You can’t do this.” But she set aside her self-doubts and, many pitstops and thousands of feet later, she made it to the top. More

Attacking Fatty Buildup at the Source

A novel nanotechnology promises to be the first therapeutic to directly target the liver in the battle against a disease that afflicts roughly a quarter of the global population. More

BU-bred Sensor Scales Up

A new technique of virus detection and characterization invented by a multidisciplinary team at BU drew a step closer to making a substantial impact in healthcare. More

Materials Grant Reimbursement Recipients

The Division of Materials Science and Engineering awarded Professors Soumendra Basu (ME), Xi Ling (Chemistry), Roberto Paiella (ECE), and Joerg Werner (ME) $10,000 each in... More

Professor Dal Negro headshot

Pushing the Boundaries of Photonic Sensing

Professor Luca Dal Negro has received a $450K grant from the Army Research Office to pursue improvements in quantum photonic sensing and detection technology driven by the development of novel nonlinear nanostructures. More

Photonics INM, PURSuE, MSE REU students

MSE REU, Summer 2023

Undergraduate students from 2- and 4-year institutions are encouraged to apply to the MSE REU for the opportunity to participate in authentic cutting-edge research projects... More

Seeing a Way to Combat Cancer

In the fight to treat ovarian cancer, innovative chemical imaging techniques developed by Professor Ji-Xin Cheng (ECE, BME, MSE) are fast becoming valuable tools, as reported in two high-impact journals in the space of two months. More

Lab hand holding equipment

Building a New Kind of Faculty

If you want to harness the power of having faculty from multiple disciplines address a societal challenge, you have to make it easy for them to do so. Cross-disciplinary collaboration has long been part of the college’s DNA, and that culture is now being formalized in way that is unlike any other engineering school. More


Building a Collaborative Culture

Building a collaborative culture involves retaining and recruiting faculty committed to, and excited by, the concept. That requires strong leadership that can guide and encourage faculty. The College of Engineering appointed long-time faculty member Elise Morgan to do just that as Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development. More