Creating the Societal Engineer®

A New Kind of Engineer. A New Model of Engineering.

As a Societal Engineer, the world will look to you to help create a safer, greener, more sustainable, healthier, better-connected, more energy-efficient and productive planet. One with enough food, drinkable water and economic opportunity for all.

At Boston University, your role as a Societal Engineer will be informed and inspired by an engineering education that has eliminated traditional barriers, creating an open exchange of ideas that lets you think boldly and act decisively as you collaborate with like-minded people intent on impacting the future.

As a Societal Engineer, you will have a mission driven by some key attributes, including:

  • A relentless focus on global needs and understanding the complexities of today’s world
  • Aspirations for a higher quality of life for humanity driven by technology and innovation
  • Embracing creativity and discovery to solve the world’s problems

Societal Engineers can influence the real world not only in engineering and technology innovation, but by pursuing management, finance, government, medicine, law or other professions where their engineering backgrounds provide the foundation needed to improve society.

Boston University has created a uniquely dynamic and empowering approach to all its engineering programs, which instills the attributes that define College of Engineering Dean Kenneth R. Lutchen’s vision of the Societal Engineer.