Research Centers & Institutes

Bioengineering Technology & Entrepreneurship Center
A hands-on learning center that advances cutting-edge technologies identified in partnership with industry, from gene editing to biosensors to digital medicine.

Biological Design Center
Uniting interdisciplinary research areas to create disruptive ideas and biomedical technologies, drawing in scientists from industry and academia to tinker, invent, and discover.

Biomolecular Engineering Research Center
Developing computational methods for the analysis and design of structures, functions,  interactions, regulation and evolution of biological macromolecules

Center for Computational Science
Interdisciplinary center developing new computational ideas and methodologies

Center for Information and Systems Engineering
Improving quality of life through the study and design of intelligent systems

Center for Semiconductor Materials and Devices Modeling
Bringing together government, academia and industry

Center for Multiscale and Translational Mechanobiology
Interdisciplinary center studying how physical cues affect biological processes

Center for Space Physics
Advancing understanding of the atmospheres, magnetospheres, and plasma environments of our solar system

Center on Forced Displacement
Fostering research and engagement with the global challenge of forced displacement, through multidisciplinary teams

Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation
Transforming emerging research into viable technology solutions for domestic and global clients

Hearing Research Center
Harnessing research and education resources to contribute to global economic, social and technological challenges

Institute for Global Sustainability  
Scientific research using satellite images and other data from airborne and ground sensors to study the Earth and its resources

Institute for Health System Innovation and Policy
Addressing critical challenges of health and healthcare, both in the US and globally

Nanotechnology Innovation Center
Accelerating development and deployment of nanotechnology innovations to meet key challenges in medicine, energy and materials science

National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories

Neurophotonics Center
Developing and deploying photonics technologies in the neurosciences to advance our understanding of how the brain works in health and in disease.

NSF Engineering Research Center in Cellular Metamaterials
Directed multiscale assembly of cellular metamaterials with nanoscale precision

Photonics Center
National resource for advanced photonic device prototypes for commercial, military and healthcare applications

Precision Diagnostics Center
Researchers from across BU in pursuit of new tools to revolutionize patient care through portable monitoring and targeted, personalized therapies

Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering
Initiates research convergence and accelerates integrated initiatives with social impact at the nexus of the computational and data sciences.