Neila Gross: Investigating Antibiotic Resistance

In August 2022, Neila Gross summited Mount Kilimanjaro. It was a grueling journey that took her five and a half days to make her way up the highest peak on the African continent and one and a half days to make her way down. On the first day, as she looked across the desolate plane where the mountain stood, uncertainty set in when she realized how far she had to go. And when she looked up and noticed that the mountain’s summit was obscured by the clouds because of its height, one thought took over: “You can’t do this.” But she set aside her self-doubts and, many pitstops and thousands of feet later, she made it to the top.

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MSE Students & Alumnus Awarded for Research & Academic Accomplishments

Three current and former MSE PhD students have recently been recognized internally and externally for their notable academic and research achievements. With the support of their professors, they have made valuable contributions to both the Division of MSE and the College of Engineering, and the Division is proud to celebrate their awards.   Chloe Kekedjian […]

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Matt Geib: Reimagining the World of Birth Control

Women have historically carried the financial and health-related burdens of contraception. There are currently around 12 birth control methods marketed toward the demographic, with the most effective options involving hormones. While hormonal contraception methods are more than 90 percent successful in preventing pregnancy, they have also been proven to cause an array of negative side […]

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Hector Grande’s Immigrant Parents Helped Him Seize the Opportunity That Eluded Them

My First-Gen Story: In BU Todays’ occasional series My First-Gen Story, students, faculty, staff, and alumni share, in their own words, what it’s like to be a first-generation college student. In our latest installment, we hear from Hector Grande, a soon-to-be graduate from the College of Engineering who hopes to pass on what he’s learned to […]

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How to Create Safe, Energy-Efficient Buildings in a Post-Covid World

BU Innovators Address New Requirements of Commercial Real Estate by Maya Bhat & Maureen Stanton, CISE Staff Smart building technology has been a growing trend in the commercial real estate sector to help building owners and other stakeholders automate processes, reduce costs, boost energy efficiency, and improve the comfort of tenants.  In a post-covid world, […]

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