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What Voters’ Sweat Levels, Facial Expressions, Reveal about Their Feelings for Candidates

Election focus groups aimed at discerning which presidential candidate has the best shot at occupying the White House for the next four years generally pepper participants with lots of questions, then methodically analyze their answers. Now comes a different kind of study from Boston University researchers—a biometric quest that measures participants’ physiological reactions to candidates, as… Read More

Meet COM’s First Doctoral Recipient, Sarah Krongard

It seems there’s always something to celebrate at COM, and the 2019 fall semester marked one particularly noteworthy achievement — PhD candidate, Sarah Krongard, passed her dissertation defense and became the college’s first doctoral recipient. Sarah arrived at Boston University four years ago with an extensive and impressive resume, already established as a leader in media… Read More

Binge-watching and Politics? Emerging Media Studies Research Connects the Two

Is binge-watching your favorite series effecting your political engagement? Jacob Groshek, Assistant Professor, Emerging Media Studies and Sarah Krongard, Ph.D. student in the Emerging Media Studies program, take on this question by dissecting the relationships between binge-watching and political participation. They have found that although there are a number of side effects to binge-watching (depression,… Read More

COM Professor Mina Tsay-Vogel Sheds Light on Undergrad Facebook Habits

The hours young adults spend on social media networks every day influence their behavior and attitudes about privacy. Heavy social network users who read friends’ updates and share information about themselves become acclimated to the act of posting their information as they read daily about their friends and the world, spurring them to post more… Read More

Jacob Groshek Talks Science on Social Media

Internet commentators love to shout their opinions, but new research shows that the loudest might not know what they’re talking about. Jacob Groshek, a Boston University College of Communication (COM) assistant professor of emerging media studies, researches online communication and social media. In a June 2016 essay in The Conversation, Groshek wrote about how online… Read More

Professor’s research goes national

To study TV viewers’ engagement with shows and stories featuring “anti-hero” characters, professor and co-director of the Communication Research Center Mina Tsay-Vogel is looking beyond the past research that suggests viewers enjoy watching “good” characters win and “bad” characters lose. In a 2013 study published in Mass Communication and Society, Tsay-Vogel and a professor at the University of Colorado, Colorado… Read More

COM highlights from AEJMC conference

Key faculty from Boston University’s College of Communication (COM) joined communication specialists from universities around the nation at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s (AEJMC) annual conference in Chicago, August 9 -12. COM also announced its new Division of Emerging Media at a reception for colleagues, faculty, and friends on Thursday, August… Read More

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