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Thomas Fiedler, dean.

COM's 21st century blueprint: To stand out, COM is moving to where the field of communications is going to be. No other school is better positioned to do so.

By aligning the curriculum and faculty to change, making strategic investments in signature programs and building exciting new facilities, COM can become the leader in educating the 21st century's communication professionals.

The first step is to establish COM as an innovator in the areas of emerging media and in understanding its impact on society. In short, anticipate change and prepare for it. One way this is being done is through creating the new Division of Emerging Media Studies, with roots in all three of the school's departments.

Students would continue to be well educated in the fundamental and enduring practices of those traditional communication professions—journalism, public relations, advertising, filmmaking—through the courses in their homerooms. But they’d also be exposed to the latest interactive technologies through courses in the new Division of Emerging Media Studies.

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Film & Television

Inside Film & Television

As part of a great liberal arts university, the department shares the philosophy of a fundamental grounding in the humanities, while providing a comprehensive curriculum that covers both theory and practice. We prepare students for success in either the professional or academic world in the interrelated fields of film, television and new media. We offer in-depth instruction in both documentary and narrative fiction production and studies. There are degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Our Los Angeles program serves our students as a remarkably successful bridge to the professional world.

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Journalism students at Boston University learn about the profession by covering the activities of local, state and national government as well as various political, business and cultural activities. Assignments are under the direction of experienced, accomplished journalists who are current or recent leaders in professional journalism. Students also serve as interns at major newspapers, magazines, broadcast outlets and websites.

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Mass Communication, Advertising
& Public Relations

Inside Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations

Graduates have gone on to careers in a variety of occupational fields, including advertising, public relations, marketing, health communication, employee relations, media research and sales promotion. Typically, graduates work in such settings as corporations, nonprofit agencies, government, educational institutions or other organizations within the labor force. Many have started their own businesses or agencies. The department’s required and elective courses include a foundation in communication theory and research plus practical skills that are relevant not only for entry-level jobs but, more important, for continuing professional development. They prepare students to write clearly, speak effectively and think critically—all of which are essential for continuing career success.

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Emerging Media Studies

Inside Emerging Media Studies

Emerging Media Studies is a multidisciplinary field integrating critical analysis, creativity and communication into strategies for effective business, entertainment, education and research use through the examination of social networks, new media, and virtual worlds. The Division’s groundbreaking master’s degree program and first PhD program can prepare you for a vital role among the leaders, scholars, teachers, and collaborators of the world’s media future.

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Graduate Programs

Inside Graduate Programs

No matter which of the challenging COM graduate degree programs you choose, you’ll be taught by award winners, experts and business leaders who helped shape their industries, and motivate and mentor, holding student work to professional standards.

Outside the classroom, there’s Boston, an energized hub of creativity, learning, entertainment and innovation. The city’s high-powered communication companies—from global PR firms to next-generation digital ventures—are eager to work with our students. Internship programs beckon from Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and London. Your career network includes 30,000 working alumni worldwide. And the incredible success stories among them assure you that you’re in the right place.

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