Alumni/ae Publications

Dr. Stephanie A. Budwey (STH’04,’12) Publishes “Religion and Intersex: Perspectives from Science, Law, Culture, and Theology”

Dr. Stephanie A. Budwey’s (STH’04,’12) new book Religion and Intersex: Perspectives from Science, Law, Culture, and Theology is published by Routledge and will be available August 25, 2022. This book considers the situation of intersex people who have faced erasure in the areas of science, law, culture, and theology due to the assumption that all […]

Dr. Benjamin Chicka (STH’08) Publishes Two Books, Praised by Professors Wesley J. Wildman and Robert C. Neville

Playing as Others: Theology and Ethical Responsibility in Video Games No contemporary form of pop culture has as large a social impact as video games, an entertainment industry whose yearly revenues continue to rise. Gamergate rocked the gaming industry when isolated incidents of male gamers threatening female game developers and critics grew into a sustained […]

BUSTH PhD Student Daniel Montañez (STH’18,’25) Publishes Co-edited Book “The Church and Migration: A Theological Vision for the People of God”

In an age of global migration and mass displacement, what is the responsibility of the Church in responding to the needs and realities of migrant and displaced communities? All too often the narrative surrounding immigration is depicted as highly political and divisive within mainstream media. In evangelical and charismatic circles, many Christians are more likely […]

Divinity Diversity Dialogue: Listening and Learning Our Way To the Beloved Community by Rev. Cheryl R. Harris (STH’09)

The beloved community is within our grasp. Informing, challenging, and equipping readers to lead effective conversations, this book is meant to be lived; to open into the experience of a whole life in community through the effective, structured tool of dialogue. The reader is presented with clear, compelling explanations of how systemic racism operates in […]

Memoir “Coming Alive” by Rev. Dr. Anne Ierardi (STH’90) Wins Next Generation INDIE Book Award

The content below is provided courtesy of Rev. Dr. Anne Ierardi’s (STH’90) newsletter, which can be found here. I was excited to learn that my book, Coming Alive, memoir, tied for first place in the LESBIAN/GAY/BISEXUAL/TRANSGENDER/QUEER+ category for the Next Generation INDIE awards. There were nine finalists, including the other winner. Robert Steele won for Banned in California […]

Coming Alive Memoir by Rev. Dr. Anne Ierardi (STH’90)

Rev. Dr. Anne Ierardi’s (STH’90) memoir “Coming Alive” (Shanti Arts Press) charts her spiritual, psychological, and artistic formation of three decades through feminism, gay liberation, and her quest to integrate her Italian-Catholic background after experiencing a profound call to ordination in seminary.  Her oil paintings are featured in the book and on the cover. She lives […]

Charles Daniels Jr. Ph.D. LICSW (STH’20) Publishes “Therapy for Kings.” Foreword by Torrey S. Joyner (STH’17).

Therapy for Kings promotes the value of introspection for all people, offering an alternative understanding of therapy. Charles C. Daniels Jr., Ph.D. (STH’20), a licensed independent clinical social worker and therapist, hopes to make the idea of therapy more palatable to a population of people that sees it as inherently negative. His approach reminds leaders—or […]