Evaluating Teaching.

BUSPH is working toward a new approach to evaluating excellence in teaching, one that goes beyond course ratings, that robustly assesses pedagogy, is practicable on a large scale, and creates a culture that values excellence and innovation in teaching. The approach has been approved by the Education Committee and the Governing Council and should bring us to the next level in valuing teaching as a core function of our school.

The new approach includes three components:

  • A revised course evaluation, launched Fall 2022
  • Self-assessment of teaching, and
  • Peer review process.

Updates are outlined in the November 15th Teaching & Learning at SPH announcement.

Course Evaluation Process

End of course evaluations are a formal feedback method about the quality of teaching in BUSPH classrooms.  Their primary purpose is for faculty to learn about the student experience in the course so they may reflect on what worked well and how they may improve the course for the next time it is offered.  Information gathered through the end of course evaluations also inform the teaching award selection process and the annual Faculty Development and Assessment process. The course evaluation form was designed in collaboration with the Faculty and Student Senates, and was approved by the School’s Education Committee.

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