Faculty Handbook.

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I. Boston University Policies & Campus Life

  1. BU Faculty Handbook
  2. BU Policies Central
  3. BU Faculty Resources
  4. University Holiday and Intersession Schedule
  5. Technology and Communications

II. The School of Public Health

  1. SPH Bylaws and Organizational Chart
  2. Strategy Map
  3. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice
  4. Overview of Administrative Functions and Organizational Charts
  5. Communications
  6. Safety Protocols and School Closure Procedures
  7. Data/Information Protection and Confidentiality
  8. Commonly Used Software and Systems
  9. BU Profiles

III. Faculty Senate

  1. Bylaws
  2. Faculty Senate Coverage

IV. Appointments and Promotions Guidelines

  1. Introduction
  2. Standard Faculty Categories and Ranks at SPH
  3. Criteria for Appointments and Promotions
  4. Procedures for Appointments and Promotion

V. Faculty Expectations & Annual Faculty Review

  1. Expectations of Ourselves at Our Best
  2. Faculty Expectations
  3. Annual Faculty Review

VI. Resources for Teaching

  1. Process for Assigning Teaching
  2. Educational Administrative Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Approval of New Educational Offerings
  4. Engagement of Course Instructors
  5. Teaching Assistants
  6. Resources in Support of Teaching and Advising
  7. Teaching Opportunities through the Office of Lifelong Learning
  8. Course Cancellation Process

VII. Resources for Faculty Development and Advancement

  1. Faculty Development Seminar Series
  2. Faculty Awards
  3. Faculty Incentive Program
  4. Mid-Rank Review Program
  5. Faculty Mentoring Program
  6. Annual Discretionary Funds
  7. Sabbatical
  8. Pilot Award Program
  9. Grant Writing Program
  10. Phased Retirement Program
  11. Boston University Medical Campus Resources for Faculty Support
  12. Boston University Resources for Faculty Support

VIII. Policies and Guidance

  1. Procedures for Reviewing and Approving Major Policy and Planning Initiatives
  2. Faculty Compensation
  3. Guidance on Use of Discretionary Funds
  4. External Professional Activities
  5. Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements
  6. Guidelines for Faculty Leaves
  7. Faculty Grievance Policy
  8. Principles Guiding Use of Space at SPH

This Handbook is a ‘living document’ and will change and evolve over time as the school’s policies and procedures evolve. Changes to the contents of the Handbook will follow the “Procedures for Reviewing and Approving Major Policy and Planning Initiatives” described in Section VIII.