Annual School Review.

The Annual School Review process is an opportunity to reflect on our work and identify areas for development through structured faculty, staff, and leadership reviews that will happen annually. It is a review of ourselves, by ourselves, that we conduct to make sure that we are optimizing how we are working, towards the goal of holding ourselves to the highest standards and making sure we can meet our aspirations. 

The Annual School Review is comprised of four independent elements:

School Survey

One important component of this Annual School Review is the School Survey, which is designed to take the pulse of the BUSPH community, gather feedback about programming and resources, and identify areas of both strength and improvement for the School.  The School is committed to the success of all members of our community and the School Survey aims to support this commitment to ensure we are proactive and responsive to the needs of our community.

Annual Faculty Review

The Annual Faculty Review reflects the School and University’s commitment to faculty development through first retrospectively identifying work to date and then prospectively creating a development plan. Faculty will complete a self-assessment each January and meet with their supervisors each February or March.

Faculty may access the AFR form at

Annual Staff Review

One of our key goals at SPH is to build a community and culture that attracts, motivates, develops and recognizes people who do amazing work, and one way we can achieve this is through the Annual Staff Review. While it is important that we give our direct reports informal feedback throughout the year, formal performance evaluations are a critical part of employee development and an essential component of successful management.

Annual Leadership Review

The School is committed to fostering the success of its leaders and enhancing their effectiveness in a constructive way. The Annual Leadership Review aims to support this commitment and ensure we are proactive, responsive to the needs of the field, our faculty, our staff, our students, and our alumni, and that the entire leadership team works to promote excellence in scholarship, education, and service. The Annual Leadership Review will be conducted each January.

Feedback about the Annual School Review process may be entered in the text box below. It will be sent to Dean Galea via an anonymous email.