Staff and Operations Handbook.

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I. Boston University Policies and Campus Life

  1. BU Employee Handbook
  2. BU Staff Resources
  3. University Holiday and Intersession Schedule
  4. Technology and Communications

II. The School of Public Health

  1. SPH Bylaws and Organizational Chart
  2. Strategy Map
  3. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice
  4. Overview of Administrative Functions and Organizational Charts
  5. Communications
  6. Safety Protocols and School Closure Procedures
  7. Data/Information Protection and Confidentiality
  8. Commonly Used Software and Systems

III. Staff Senate

  1. Staff Senate Bylaws

IV. Staff Expectations

  1. Expectations of Ourselves at our Best
  2. Staff Expectations
  3. Annual Staff Review

V. Staff Awards and Professional Development

  1. Staff Awards and Recognition
  2. Professional Development Workshops
  3. Professional Development Scholarship
  4. Lunch and Learn Series
  5. Technology Learning
  6. Degree Program Enrollment
  7. Health and Wellness

VI. Hiring and Managing a Team

  1. Search and Hiring Process
  2. Onboarding a New Employee
  3. Managing and Leading a Team
  4. Staff Departures and Offboarding

VII. Vendor Engagement, Purchasing Supplies, Travel, and Reimbursements

  1. Vendor Engagement
  2. Purchasing Supplies
  3. Travel

VIII. Sponsored Research

  1. Identifying Funding Opportunities
  2. Proposal Submission Timeline
  3. Cost Sharing and Institutional Support
  4. Award Management and Oversight
  5. Award Closeout

IX. Education Policies and Practices

  1. Engagement of Course Instructors
  2. Teaching Assistants

X. External Partnerships: Affiliation Agreements, Contracts, and MOUs

XI. Finance

  1. Finance Systems and Access
  2. Funds Management
  3. Reporting, Reconciliation, and Corrections
  4. Purchasing
  5. Student Payroll
  6. Support for Doctoral Students
  7. Faculty Compensation Changes
  8. Processing Revenue
  9. Year-End Close
  10. Faculty Salary Management

XII. Facilities Management

  1. Asset Management
  2. Principles Guiding Use of Space at SPH
  3. Conference Room Reservations and Space Requests
  4. Hybrid Meetings

XIII. Policy Regarding Visitors at SPH

Forms and Resources

This Handbook is a ‘living document’ and will change and evolve over time as the school’s policies and procedures evolve.