Department of Applied Social Sciences: City Planning, Criminal Justice, Urban Affairs

As challenges related to managing American cities multiply and become more complex, there is an ever-greater need for professionals with outstanding credentials to help solve the many issues that confront urban communities, issues ranging from public safety to racial relations, economic development, infrastructure systems, environmental sustainability and climate change—to name just a few.

The Department of Applied Social Sciences offers the training and skills necessary to begin or advance your career in a range of disciplines relevant to cities and the urban milieu. With a degree from world-renowned Boston University, you’ll have the credentials and foundation necessary to become a leader in your chosen field.

Metropolitan College is one of the few institutions across the country to offer graduate programs grounded in the social sciences, but focused largely on cities, urban sociology, and criminal justice. Through evening courses and the option to study full- or part-time, you can get your education on a schedule that works for your personal life and career.

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