Internship and Internship Seminar


The Madrid Internship Program is designed for those students who are looking to gain experience working abroad in one of Europe’s most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities.

*NEW! Our internship program is more inclusive than ever before: BU Madrid now offers the opportunity for students to complete an internship in English (details below).

Students who complete their internship in Spanish will be able to hone their language skills, while all students that take part in our internship program, regardless of language proficiency, will have the unique opportunity to experience true cultural immersion within Madrid’s professional community.

VIDEO: BU Madrid Internship Programs 

  • Placements are contingent upon a student’s past experience, language abilities, and available opportunities in any given semester, so flexibility is essential.

Course numbers depend on the fields of specialization in which the students complete their internship and the nature of the internship work. The following course numbers are open to students who complete an internship in Spanish (having completed five semesters of Spanish or equivalent):

    • CAS AH 505 Internship in the Arts/Architecture
    • CAS EC 497 Internship in Business/Economics
    • CAS PO 401 Internship in Politics
    • CAS PO 403 Internship in Comparative Law
    • CAS PO 405/IR 455 Internship in International Organizations
    • COM CM 471 Internship in Advertising/Public Relations
    • COM FT 493/494 Internship in Film/Television
    • COM JO 411 Internship in Journalism
    • CAS CS 219 Internship in Information Technology
    • SHA HF 390 Field Placement in Hospitality Administration

NEW: Students (with at least two semesters of Spanish or equivalent) can opt to complete an internship in English in the following concentrations:                  

    • Hospitality
    • Journalism
    • Marketing
    • Business
    • Tourism
    • Education        

HUB SA 330: The academic component of the internship consists of the following:

  • The internship itself, including supervisor’s evaluation
  • Participation in the internship seminar, including ePortfolio
  • A highly structured, mid-term oral briefing
  • Assigned readings
  • A final research paper relating to professional field of internship placement

Completing the Study Abroad Internship Course HUB SA 330 allows students to fulfill a Hub unit in the following area: The Individual in Community