Terrier Cards for Affiliates

Certain non-paid affiliates (e.g., temporary agency personnel, non-paid visiting scholars affiliated with the university) may need a Terrier Card for business purposes. To receive a Terrier Card, the affiliate’s sponsor (a paid BU employee) must first utilize the Affiliate Account Application webform through the IT Help Center located here:


Please utilize this form to set the required affiliation type (refer to the linked matrix within the form for any questions), and use the form to set the required access. Once that process is complete, the sponsor and affiliate will receive a BU email and BUID# for the individual. At that time, the affiliate may visit this page for instructions on receiving a Terrier Card if their affiliation is eligible to receive one.

Please note that it is not necessary to complete this form for:

  • Full- and part-time Faculty and staff (including temporary faculty and staff) who are hired and paid on SAP
  • These individuals are assigned BUID#s and are eligible for cards.