Terrier Cards during COVID

From March 2020 through the Spring 2022 semester, some of our procedures around Terrier Cards have been updated.

Medical Campus

Medical Campus faculty, staff, and guests/affiliates should contact the Medical Campus ID office located on the ground floor of 650 Albany Street (X Building). Their contact phone number is 617-358-7603 and their email is MEDID@bu.edu.

Charles River and Fenway Campus

Human Resources is taking card issuance and replacement requests remotely. We ask during this time that if you will not be working on campus, that you delay any requests for card issuance or replacement.

For individuals that actively are on campus (including new hires), and need access to buildings, lab space, and identification for the BU Shuttle, please complete the below form.

If you are a new hire, we require that you provide a photo that will be added to your record.

For new hires, there are a few guidelines we ask that you follow in selecting (or capturing) your photo:

  • Have someone else take your photo. No Selfies. We recommend the photo be taken from a distance of about 8 feet. You may zoom to include head and shoulders.
  • Photo must be in color and well-lit. Photo must be taken against a white or light-colored background.
  • Submit a high-resolution digital photo that is not blurry, grainy, or pixelated.
  • Directly face the camera with both eyes open and a neutral facial expression or a natural smile.
  • Glasses may be worn if there is no glare or reflection.
  • No hats, headgear, sunglasses, headphones, earbuds, face coverings.
  • If you wear a hat or head covering for religious purposes, ensure that the hat or head covering in your photo is part of traditional or religious attire worn continuously in public.
  • Do not use filters commonly used on social media. Do not edit your photo to remove the background.

Terrier Card Remote Issuance/Replacement Request (Charles River and Fenway Campus only):

Please complete the below form to make your request. Expect a USPS envelope delivered to your confirmed address in your request with your Terrier Card within 7-10 business days.

PLEASE READ: if you are a new hire or your original card was lost, stolen, or damaged, and need to test at a Healthway site on campus for COVID-19… while you are waiting for your card you are eligible to be tested, but you should have alternative photo ID available, and your BUID# should be written down so the intake team can accurately connect your sample to your record.