Volume 8

Vol. 8.1cover 81

Essays, Translations, and Verse

Virtue and the Good Life
Raymond Geuss

Francis Blessington

Education, Phusis, and Freedom in Sophocles’ Philoctetes
John Carlevale

Two Poems
Susan McLean

The Face of the Elite
Barbara E. Borg (translated by Glenn W. Most)

Politics as Literature: Demosthenes and the Burden of the Athenian Past
Harvey Yunis


Catching Xerxes’ Tears in English: The Styles of Herodotean Translation
The Histories, translated by Robin Waterfield
Steven J. Willett

The Light and the Dark: Two Translations of the Poetics
Aristotle: Poetics, translated and with a commentary by George Whalley
Stephen Halliwell

Slag in the Crucible
The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization.
A PBS Empires Special.
Companion volume: Paul Cartledge, The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
Peter Green

Vol. 8.2cover 82

Essays, Translations, and Verse

From The Greek Anthology
Katherine Washburn

Botticelli’s Primavera and the Poetic Imagination of Italian Renaissance Art
Paul Barolsky

Five Odes
(translated by Elizabeth Jones)

New Friends for New Places: England Rediscovers Greece
Avi Sharon

To Augustus (Epistle 2.1)
(translated by David Ferry)

The Dionysiac Don responds to Don Quixote: Rainer Friedrich on the New Ritualism
Richard Seaford


Sociology and the Classical World
Paul Cartledge et al., The Cambridge Illustrated History of Ancient Greece
Jennifer Roberts

Mesopotamia and Archaeology in the Imagination of the West
Eric M. Meyers, editor-in-chief, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Ancient Near East
Kenneth Haynes

Weeding The Muses’ Garden
Raymond Tallis, Theorrhea and After
Bruce S. Thornton

Vol. 8.3cover 83

Essays and Verse

Three Pieces from Ariosto
D.S. Carne-Ross

Rosa Moretur
Anna Akhmatova
(translated by Steven J. Willett)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Brooklyn: Roman Comedy on Broadway and in Film
Margaret Malamud

Michelangelo: Four Poems
Heather Burns

Shamelessness, Spirituality, and the Common Good
Raymond Guess

Dog Philosopher Attends the Games (Or. 9)
Dio Chrysostom
(translated by John Carlevale)

History and Nation
Marcel Detienne

The City
C.P. Cavafy
(translated by Avi Sharon)

A Classical Soap Opera for the Cultural Elite: Tantalus In Denver
by John Barton; directed by Peter Hall
Marianne McDonald

Banishing The Poets.
Yun Lee Too, The Idea of Ancient Literary Criticism
Charles Martindale

Democracy, Empire, and the Search for the Athenian Character
Deborah Boedeker and Kurt A. Raaflaub, editors, Democracy, Empire, and the Arts in Fifth-Century Athens
Loren J. Samons II

Jacob Burckhardt and the Philhellenism of the Future
Jacob Burckhardt, The Greeks and Greek Civilization
Suzanne Marchand