Volume 21

Arion 21.1 _Cover_CvrVol 21.1

Essays and Verse

Final Voyage: After Pascoli
Martin W. Bennett

Mrs. Vergil’s Horrid Wars
James Tatum

Selected Songs
(Translated by Len Krisak)

Translating Thucydides
Jeremy Mynott

Phaedrus on the Lido: Tod in Venedig
Diskin Clay

Euripides’ Hecuba: A Version (I)
Nicholas Kilmer

The Strange Case of the Young Michelangelo
Paul Barolsky

The Ends of Tragedy:
Oedipus at Colonus and German Idealism
Joshua Billings


From Gnedich (II)
Maria Rybakova
(Translated by Elena Dimov)


Avant-Garde Epic: Robert Wilson’s Odyssey and the Experimental Turn
Robert Wilson, Odyssey, Piccolo Teatro Strehler, Milan,
Italy; National Theatre of Greece, Athens, Greece
Justine McConnell

Questions & Comments from the Audience
Anne Carson, Antigonick,
directed by Kristin Horton; NYU-Gallatin Theater
Mary Maxwell


From The Gods in Exile
Heinrich Heine
(Translated by Diskin Clay)

Caryatids: A Photo Essay
Amalia Sotiropoulou


Arion 21.2 _Cover_CvrVol 21.2

Essays and Verse

Two Odes
(Translated, with an Introduction, by Chris Childers)

Role-Playing in Antigone and Africa:
Can We Read Sophocles through Sizwe?

Sarah H. Nooter

Translations from Horace: Six Odes
(Translated by Michael Taylor)

Herodotus and the Vulnerability Ethic in Ancient Greece
Peter Aicher

SPECIAL ONLINE EXTRA: Peter Aicher’s Translation of Herodotus’ The Story of Croesus (Word Document)
Read Herodotus’ original Greek here (Word Document)

Euripides’ Hecuba: A Version (II)
Nicholas Kilmer

Four Poems, After Sappho
Nina Pick

Getting to the Truth:
The “Wandering” Metaphor of Mistakenness in Roman Culture
W. M. Short


Americans Use Greek Tragedy: Great Expectations on Stage
Helene Foley, Reimagining Greek Tragedy on the American Stage
Marianne McDonald

Arion 21.3 _Cover_CvrVol 21.3

Essays and Verse

David Faldet

The Passion of Adonis
David Rosand

Marlowe on Mandood
Christopher Marlowe
(Translated by A. M. Juster)

“What About Their Parents?”—Teaching the Western Classics to Students in China
Tom Rendall

Stag Hunt
Brooke Horvath

Greek Ideal as Hyperreal: Greco-Roman Sculpture and the Athletic Male Body
Charles Heiko Stocking

Like Snow in Sunlight
Umberto Saba
(Translated by Avi Sharon)

Rembrandt: Turn Of The Key
Zhenya Gershman

David Gomes Cásseres

An African Oresteia:
Field Notes on Pasolini’s Appunti per un’ Orestiade africana
M. D. Usher

In Memoriam: Seamus Heaney,
April 13, 1939–August 30, 2013

Marianne McDonald


Sic Semper Tyrannis
Maria Wyke, Caesar in the USA, (University of California Press, 2012), hardcover, 320 pages,
$39.95, £27.95.
Constanze Güthenke

Tangled Genealogies: Hellenism, Hebraism,
and The Discourse Of Modernity

Miriam Leonard, Socrates and the Jews: Hellenism and Hebraism from Moses Mendelssohn to
Sigmund Freud (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2012), xiv + 245 pages, $50.00.
Willi Goetschel