Volume 24

Arion 24.1 Spring/Summer 2016                            Arion Cover 24.1

Essays and Verse

Robert Frost in Roman Mode, by Theodore Ziolkowski 

Anna Jackson reads Virgil’s first Eclogue

Casey Dué examines politics, song and dance in Lysistrata and Spike Lee’s Chi-raq

Reading Virgil in the Cariboo, by Karen Simons

The agony of inclusion: Louis A. Ruprecht, Jr. on Greece as part of Europe

Marianne McDonald: James Joyce, portrait and still life

Three translations by Len Krisak

From Homer to Palladas: Gordon Braden on epic annoyance

Kimberly Johnson translates from Works and Days

Rhetoric and reputation, from Protagoras to Snoop Doggy Dogg, by Spencer Hawkins

Classics or The Closing of the American Mind, by Eric Adler



Richard Finn reviews Richard Sorabji’s Moral Conscience Through the Ages

 The last of Logue’s Iliad, by Charles Rowan Beye


Arion 24.2 Fall 2016

Essays and Verse

Boris Johnson votes for Classical Greece24-2-cover

Mary Bergstein laments the history of Palmyra

A short poem by David Podgurski

The Chimaira: Johan Tralau on Oresteia, Justice, and a Mythic Monster

Robert Lloyd Mitchell: The Republic and imagination

Blot: a poem by Josephine Balmer

Stephen Eide and Keith Whitaker advocate for Xenophon’s gentlemen

Plants’ Interconnected Lives by Claudia Zatta

M.D. Usher : a villanelle titled Out of Shakespeare



L’Appassionata: An American memory recollected by Fred Licht



Ovid, Michelangelo, and the Non Finito: Paul Barlosky and the unfinished in art

Michael Walton reviews Stephanie Nelson’s Aristophanes and His Tragic Muse

Three Phaedra(s) Too Many: Phaedra(s) of Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe, reviewed by Helaine L. Smith


Arion 24.3 Winter 201724.3 Arion Cover_Final_r1.qxp_Cvr

Essays and Verse

Marianne McDonald in her infinite variety, by Herbert Golder

Rachel Hadas, Four Poems

Paul Barolsky on Botticelli’s Primavera: the painting and the poem

Cave myths and light in some ancient philosophers, by Andrea Nightingale

Two Poems by Phoebe Giannisi, translated by Brian Sneeden

Harold Keller’s Iliad drawings

Two Poems by Patrick O’Donnell

Raymond Geuss explains Nietzsche’s philosophical ethnology

Propertius, Pound and other outsiders, by Theodore Ziolkowski

Inadvertent Beginnings: Fred Licht recounts some early adventures



J. Michael Walton reviews Matthew Wright’s Lost Plays of Greek Tragedy,

Volume 1: Neglected Authors

M. D. Usher on Stephen Scully’s Hesiod’s Theogony: From Near Eastern

Creation Myths to Paradise Lost




A Problem in Egypto-Canadian Cultural Relations by Douglas Young