Volume 27

Arion 27.1 Spring/Summer 2019

Essays and Verse


John Shoptaw

Little Eternities: Henry James’s Horation Sense of Time 

Kathleen Riley

Five Poems

Deborah Warren

Epigram into Lyric: Francis Bacon Translates from the Greek Anthology

Gordon Braden

Seven Poems

Nicolas Calas, Translated by Ari Sharon

Iago’s Roman Ancestors

James Tatum

Five Poems

Amit Majmudar

Classics and complexity in Walden’s “Spring”

M. D. Usher

Note From a Narcissist (Amores I.II)

Ovid, Translated by Caleb M. X. Dance 

An Epiphany in Munich

Lincoln Perry

Canti VI, Bruto Minore

Giacomo Leopardi, Translated by Steven J. Willett


Classical Art: A Life History. Caroline Vout, Classical Art:  A Life History from Antiquity to the Present

David Cast

Poems Ancient and Contemporary. A. E Stallings, Like: Poems

Helaine L. Smith

Arion 27.2 Fall 2019

Essays and Verse

After the War

David Gomes Cásseres

A Milanese Quartet

Fred Licht

English Classical: The Reform of Poetry in Elizabethan England

Stephen Orgel 

The Arrows of Apollo

Brooke Clark 

Women Poets and the Origin of the Greek Hexameter

W. Robert Connor

Two Sonnets

Daniel Galef 

Parmenides: The Road to Reality. A New Verse Translation

Richard McKim

Kykilkoi Logoi

Benjamin Haller 

Attis at Large

Catullus, Translated by Anna Jackson

Two Poems

Josephine Balmer


Reach Without Grasping: A Retrospective Appreciation. Anne Carson’s Eros the Bittersweet

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. 

Ovid, Art, and Eros. Ovidio, amori, miti e altre storie, ed Francesca Ghedini et al.

Paul Barolsky