Volume 25

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.18.59 AMArion 25.1 Spring/Summer 2017                           

Essays and Verse

Aeneid, vi.679–751

Virgil (Translated by David Ferry)


Nausikaa and the Word that Must Not Be Spoken: A Reading of Homer’s Odyssey, Book Six

Norman Austin


From Propertius

Brian Walters


O te, Bolane, cerebri felicem: Roberto Bolaño harasses Horace

Ian Fielding


Horace Counts His Blessings

Horace (Translated by Karl Johnson)


Catullus, Hip-hop, and Masculinity

Colin Cromwell Pang


Two Poems

Margaret Wack


Ingesting Magic: Ingredients and Ecstatic Outcomes in the Greek and Demotic Magical Papyri

Alan Sumler


Two Poems

Joan Kimball


Gambling with Demeter: Winning, Losing, and Successful Outcome in Herodotus’ Histories

Joseph Russo and Bennett Simon


Two Poems

Lawrence Dugan


From Mutabor

Karl Kirchwey


We Never Got the Joke: Comedy and Tragedy in Modern Politics

Angus Fletcher, Comic Democracies: From Ancient Athens to the American Republic

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.


On Black Ground: The Berlin Painter at Princeton

The Berlin Painter and His World: Athenian Vase-Painting in the Early Fifth Century B.C., March 4, 2017–June 11, 2017, Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, New Jersey.

Helaine L. Smith

–Cover: “Palmyra” by Wendy Artin


Arion 25.2 Fall 2017               Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.41.25 AM

Essays and Verse

The Visionary Architecture of the Pazzi Chapel

Paul Barolsky

Three Poems

Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Why Roman Poets In Modern Guise? Reception Of Roman Poets Since World War I

Theodore Ziolkowski

Four Poems

Steve Kronen

Teaching Nietzsche

Raymond Geuss

Affective Interests: Ancient Tragedy, Shakespeare and the Concept of Character

Vanda Zajko

Narcissism For Beginners

Charles Martin

Winckelmann and the Vatican’s Museo Profano: The Documentary Evidence

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.

The Madman of Athens

Edmund Keeley

The Guard as Critic, or the Duchamp Factor

Fred Licht


L’Ottimo Artista

Ilya Bernstein

Voice from the Front

Classics Equips a Civilized Person for Any Task: An Interview with Caroline Alexander

Patrick O’Donnell


Classics Defeating Imperialism: The Irish Strike Back

Laurie O’Higgins, The Irish Classical Self: Poets and Poor Scholars in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Marianne McDonald

Arion 25.3 Winter 2018Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 1.46.58 PM

Essays and Verse

The Goatherd: An Encounter with Virgil’s First Eclogue

Norman Austin


Mother Canada and Mourning Athena:

From Classical Athens to Vimy Ridge

Matthew A. Sears


Two Poems

Jane Blanchard


Greek Tragedy and the Celtic Tiger:

The Politics of Literary Allusion in Marina Carr’s Ariel

Isabelle Torrance


Cold Copulars: Notes Toward a Horatian Stevens

Justin Hudak


The Sirens

Jamey Hecht


School of Shadows: The Return to Plato’s Cave

Claire Sommers


A Prayer For Peace


(Translated by Brian Walters)


A Lost Museum

Fred Licht



From Persephone 2014, by Gwenaëlle Aubry

(Translated by Benjamin Eldon Stevens)



Michelangelo in Manhattan

Carmen C. Bambach, Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer

Paul Barolsky


Beyond Diels-Kranz

André Laks and Glenn W. Most (eds. and trans.), Early Greek Philosophy

John Palmer