Volume 25

Volume 25

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Arion 25.1 Spring/Summer 2017                           

Essays and Verse

Aeneid, vi.679–751

Virgil (Translated by David Ferry)


Nausikaa and the Word that Must Not Be Spoken: A Reading of Homer’s Odyssey, Book Six

Norman Austin


From Propertius

Brian Walters


O te, Bolane, cerebri felicem: Roberto Bolaño harasses Horace

Ian Fielding


Horace Counts His Blessings

Horace (Translated by Karl Johnson)


Catullus, Hip-hop, and Masculinity

Colin Cromwell Pang


Two Poems

Margaret Wack


Ingesting Magic: Ingredients and Ecstatic Outcomes in the Greek and Demotic Magical Papyri

Alan Sumler


Two Poems

Joan Kimball


Gambling with Demeter: Winning, Losing, and Successful Outcome in Herodotus’ Histories

Joseph Russo and Bennett Simon


From Mutabor

Karl Kirchwey



We Never Got the Joke: Comedy and Tragedy in Modern Politics

Angus Fletcher, Comic Democracies: From Ancient Athens to the American Republic

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.


On Black Ground: The Berlin Painter at Princeton

The Berlin Painter and His World: Athenian Vase-Painting in the Early Fifth Century B.C., March 4, 2017–June 11, 2017, Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, New Jersey.

Helaine L. Smith

–Cover: “Palmyra” by Wendy Artin