Volume 12

Vol. 12.1cover 12.1

Essays and Verse

Between Pleasure and Horror: Watching Mel Gibson’sThe Passion of the Christ
Amelia Arenas

Three Roads
Rachel Hadas

Of the Ineffable: Aporetics of the Notion of an Absolute Principle
(translated by William Franke)

Nishiwaki Junzaburo
(translated by Steven J. Willett)

Towards a Theory of Performance Reception
Edith Hall

Reading the Rolls: An Arse Verse
Tony Harrison

Flames Over Athens
Barry Strauss


The Happy Couple
Robert Eisner


A Purple Heart and a Dime…
Jonathan Shay, Odysseus in America
Alan Farrell

English Ghosts of Callimachus
Frank Nisetich, The Poems of Callimachus
John Talbot

Heroic Hype, New Style: Hollywood Pitted Against Homer
Troy, directed by Wolfgang Pertersen
Peter Green


The Ignorance Factory
J.E. Lendon

Vol 12.212.2cover

Essays and Verse

Dante and the Modern Cult of the Artist
Paul Barolsky

Pantomine Dancing and the Figuarative Arts in Imperial and Late Antiquity
Ismene Lada-Richards

An Achaean Suitor
U. S. Dhuga

The Gods of Politics in Early Greek Cities
Marcel Detienne (Translated by Janet Lloyd)

Diary from April As Yet Unseen
Odysseas Elytis
(translated by Louis S. Luprecht, Jr.)

Invitation to the Dance: Hanal Pixan and the Anthesteria
Blaise D. Staples

An American Immigrant in Imperial Caesar’s Court: Romans in 1930s Films
Margaret Malamud

Adorno’s Gaps
Raymond Geuss

Five Poems
C. P. Cavafy
(translated by Avi Sharon)


The Plow Horse and the Oxymoronic Ox
Mary Lefkowitz, Greek Gods, Human Lives: What We Can Learn from the Myths
Marcel Detienne, The Writings of Orpheus: Greek Myth in a Cultural Context
Robert Eisner

The Unhappy Journey of the Frogs from Athens to New York City
Aristophanes’ The Frogs at Lincoln Center
Howard Stein

Vol 12.3

Essays and Verse

George Seferis
(translated by Diskin Clay)

From Diary Of Flora Baum
Julia Budenz12.3cover

Why Trivia?
Myth, Etymology, and Topography
Pat Rogers

Six Poems
C. P. Cavafy
(translated by Daniel Mendelsohn)

The Black Phalanx: African-Americans and the Classics After the Civil War
Barry Strauss

Satires 1.4
(translated by John Svarlien)

Boy Heroes in the Sea
Rachel Hadas


Oedipus: A New Version
Ellen McLaughlin


The Lysistrata Experience
The National Theater of Greece at the New York City Center
Howard Stein

Wrong Meaning, Right Feeling: Ezra Pound as Translator
Ezra Pound, Poems and Translations, ed. Richard Sieburth
Steven J. Willett