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Inside Arion 29.1 Spring/Summer 2021


Sculpture: Only Connect, by Lincoln Perry

“Kore in April,” a poem by J. M. Jordan

Steven F. Ostrow on Bernini’s Capitoline Medusa and the poetics of sculpture

“Rendezvous,” a poem by Jane Blanchard

Richard D. Benson examines humorously ironic Homeric epithets

Avi Sharon translates “Ballad” by Michalis Ganas

The End of Epic: Camilla and the Revenge of Dido, by Elizabeth Powers

Giacomo Leopardi’s “La Sera del dì di Festa,” translated by Steven J. Willett

On Reflection: Where Light Comes to Light, Herbert Golder discusses print in the digital age

Horace, Ode 1.11, translated by Patrick Whalen

Helaine Smith reviews Stephanie Burt’s After Callimachus: Poems

Inside Arion 28.3 Winter 2021

In celebration of the Keats Bicentennial, Roger L. Michel, Jr. presents two poems—

Scarlett Sabet’s “23rd February 1821: In Remembrance of John Keats”


Simon Armitage’s “I Speak As Someone . . .”

W. Robert Connor unmasks the maxim, an ancient genre, and shows why it matters now

 “Spring Fishing Song, Prehistoric Paros,” a poem by John Eric Hamel

Luke Soucy translates the creation accounts in Metamorphoses: i.5–162, 274–415

 Six Poems by George Kalogeris

Stephen Orgel discusses the Elizabethan Bacchae

Three Odes of Horace translated by Charles Martin

Three essays on Freud, Achaeology and Egypt:

     Simon Goldhill on religion, materiality and the cultural critique of origins

Freud and Leonardo in Egypt explored by Daniel Orrells

      Miriam Leonard ponders Freud between Oedipus and the Sphinx

 Paul Barolsky reviews Sefy Hendler’s study of Bronzino’s Nano Morgante

Inside Arion 28.2: Fall 2020




Inside this Issue:

Erictho and Demogorgon: David Quint on poetry against metaphysics

What Virgil should have said, by Kyle Gervais

Limb-loosening: George Saad traces a motif in Vergil

Lawrence Dugan remembers Hurricane Gloria

Three poems by Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Steven Shankman on Xenophilia

Allen Tice translates “Very Late, in Spring”

Propertius’s Elegia I.3 translated by Steven J. Willett

Reflections on Raphael by Paul Barolsky

From the Front: Avi Sharon translates poems by Nicolas Aliferis

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. reviews Kathryn A. Kozaitis’s Indebted: An Ethnography of Despair and Resilience in Greece’s Second City



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