Inside Arion 31.3 Winter 2024 (coming soon)

A.M. Juster revisits Aristophanes’ Gerytades

Andrew Morrison translates Horace, Ode 1.5

Martin W. Michálek on Byron’s Horatian impulse

Four poems by Carol Hart

Sarah Spence homes in on personal geography in Vergil and Elizabeth Bishop

John Griffin translates from Boethius’s Consolations

A satirical sketch by Michael Gleason

A critique of Emily Wilson’s Iliad by Helaine L. Smith

Philip Hardie on Vergil in early British humanism

Helene P. Foley reflects on the life and loves of Edith Hamilton


Inside Arion 31.2 Fall 2023

John F. Miller on the Homer statue at UVA

Two poems by Derek Mong

Daniel Sutton on Alcmaeon’s island refuge

Ricardo Pau-Llosa writes five Bernini sculptures

Propertius Elegy 4.7, translated by Len Krisak

C. Luke Soucy presents Silius’s Punica 1

Two poems by Tony Cousins

Timothy Joseph unpacks Du Bois’s classicism

Tim Conley reviews Stephanie Nelson on Homer and Joyce

Paul Barolsky wanders through The Artist’s Studio by James Hall


Inside Arion 31.1 Spring/Summer 2023

Herbert Golder on William Arrowsmith’s uses of paganism

An uncovered lecture by William Arrowsmith

A poem by Lawrence Dugan, after Quincy Adams and Horace

Alex Priou ponders the plan of Zeus

Catullus Recurring, a poem by Martin Bennett

M. J. Fitzgerald meanders with Ovid’s Byblis

John Griffin translates the proem of Nonnus’s Dionysiaca 1

Gordon Braden untangles Nonnus’s and Marino’s “messy” epics

Wade Newman follows Petrarch, Sonnet 61

Four John Owen epigrams translated by James Owens

Paul Barolsky celebrates the art of ekphrasis

David Carrier reviews Thoughtful Images by Thomas Wartenberg