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Inside Arion : Spring/Summer 2017

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Aeneas meets Anchises: David Ferry translates from the Aeneid

A reading of the Odyssey, book 6, by Norman Austin

Brian Walters in the voice of Propertius

Roberto Bolaño harasses Horace, by Ian Fielding

Horace counts his blessings, translations by Karl Johnson

Colin Cromwell Pang on Catullus, Hip-hop, and masculinity

“Statue” and “Shapeshifter,” poems by Margaret Wack

Alan Sumler discusses the ingredients and ecstasies in the Magical Papyri

Joan Kimball’s “Visitation” and “Perpetual Notion”

Joseph Russo and Bennett Simon on winning, losing, and success in Herodotus

Two poems by Lawrence Dugan

From Karl Kirchwey’s Mutabor: “Palmyra” and “ Colosseum”

Comedy and Tragedy in Modern Politics: Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. reviews Angus Fletcher’s Comic Democracies: From Ancient Athens to the American Republic

On Black Ground: Helaine L. Smith on the Berlin Painter at the Princeton University Art Museum

-Cover: “Palmyra” by Wendy Artin 

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