Inside Arion 30.2 Fall 2022

Andrew McCarron remembers Bill Mullen

Three poems by Alysse Rich

“Sisyphus,” a poem by Wade Newman

Laurie Glenn Hutcheson on Ovid, Michelangelo, and the Heliades’ Metamorphoses

Nick Moschovakis translates from Aeneid II

Jack Mitchell puts Lesbia’s sparrow into English

New readings of the Carmina Priapea by C. Luke Soucy

Susan McLean translates from Rilke’s New Poems

“Briseis Mourns Achilles,” a poem by Max Roland Ekstrom

W.J.T. Mitchell contemplates madness and politics, Roman and American

Paul Barolsky considers the art of scribbling

Herbert Golder reflects on Argyris Xafis’ Ajax in Epidauros

With drawings from Greece and Italy by Megan O’Donald

Inside Arion 30.1 Spring/Summer 2022

“Tithonus” and “The Cyclops and the Sea”
by Robert Heard

A poem by Kevin Solez

M. J. Fitzgerald reflects on the slow movement of Odyssey 13–16 in her father’s translation

Nick Moschovakis translates from Stamatis Polenakis’ The Glorious Stone

Alexander Hollmann draws the Theater of Dionysus

Oliver Taplin considers tragedy in the time of plague

A poem by Jill Peláez Baumgaertner

Mark Lundy finds Medea in A Dream of Passion

Ovid’s Amores 1.1 is translated by Kyle Gervais

A. M. Juster translates from Petrarch’s Sonnets

David Ricks situates Walter Shewring’s anti-Hellenism

Martin Bennett translates Martial on conviviality

Alexander Pushkin’s “Arion” and “Cyclops”
are translated by Zooey Park

Konrad Weeda reviews Claudia Hauer’s Strategic Humanism

Stephanie Nelson reviews Classics and Celtic Literary Modernism by Gregory Baker


Inside Arion 29.3 Winter 2022

Karl Kirchwey meditates on the Fall of Icarus

A poem by Ilya Bernstein

C. Luke Soucy feasts on Ovid’s Golden Age

A Seussian adaptation of Catullus by Seth Lerer

Benjamin Eldon Stevens translates from Nathalie Azoulai’s Titus n’amait pas Bérénice

Stephanie Nelson considers the odyssey of Joyce’s Ulysses at 100

William Brockliss presents a poem from Odysseus in Pieces

Helaine L. Smith views A Beloved Child at the Met

Two pairs of poems by Ricardo Pao-Llosa

Very Brief Observations on Titian by Paul Barolsky

Stamatia Dova reviews George Kalogeris’ Winthropos