Volume 20

Arion20.1_Cover_Arion 15.1 CoverVol 20.1

Essays and Verse

Three Poems
Valerie Wohlfield

Norman Austin

The Dream of Scipio
Adam Kirsch

On Efficacy in Practical Reason: Comparative Approaches:
Greece-China, a Well-Timed Round-Trip
Marcel Detienne
(Translated by Meredith Peters)

Beyond the Crash
Karl Johnson

The Enlightenment Gone Mad (II) The Dismal Discourse of Postmodernism’s Grand Narrative
Rainer Friedrich

Satires II.8
(Translated by Alistair Elliot)


From Mirrors are Lonely (I)
Peter Green


Uncivil Liberties and Libertines: Empire in Decay
Elena Theodorakopoulos, Ancient Rome at the Cinema: Story and Spectacle in Hollywood and Rome
Marianne McDonald

How Not to Write the Biography of Michelangelo
Michael Hirst, Michelangelo: The Achievement of Fame, 1475-1534.
Paul Barolsky

Lestrade’s Victorians
Simon Goldhill, Victorian Culture and Classical Antiquity: Art, Opera, Fiction, and the Proclamation of Modernity
Richard Jenkyns

ARION20.2Vol 20.2

Essays and Verse

“Unmodern Observations”
Herbert Golder

Three Horatian Epistles
Joseph Harrison

Nothing’s Lost Forever
Edmund Richardson

From Asine to Engomi:
George Seferis in Conversation with the Past

Avi Sharon

Selected Epigrams
(Translated by Martin Bennett)

The Burlington Magazine
and the Death of Vasari’s Lives

Paul Barolsky

Art as Weapon, or Murderous Beauty
David Bouvier

From Catullus
(Translated by Amelia Arenas)


From Mirrors are Lonely (II)
Peter Green


Classical Comic-Con
Classics and Comics, George Kovacs and C. W. Marshall, eds.
Marianne McDonald

Julia Budenz, The Gardens of Flora Baum
Tessa Ransford

ARION20.3Vol 20.3

Essays and Verse

Alistair Elliot

Thucydides Quote Unquote
Neville Morley

Two Poems
Lawrence Dugan

Rubens and the “Smell of Stone”:
The Translation of the Antique
and the Emulation of Michelangelo

Steven J. Cody

Diana Lueptow

The Wisdom of Oidipous
and the idea of a Moral Cosmos

Raymond Geuss

Three Poems
Brett Foster

Fiction and an Interview

Medea, Fitzgerald Gallery, New York City, 1966
(After Euripides and Bernard Safran)

Marguerite Johnson

Gnedich (1)
Maria Rybakova
(Translated by Elena Dimov)

From a Svoboda Interview: “Disfigured Achilles”
Dmitrii Volchek and Maria Rybakova
(Translated by Taryn Janati)


Homer in Translation: The Never-Ending Stream
Homer, The Iliad. Translated by Stephen Mitchell.
Charles Rowan Beye

“The Curious Mixture of Signs” That Is Hieroglyphics
Andrew Robinson, Cracking the Egyptian Code:
The Revolutionary Life of Jean-François Champollion

Colin Wells