Volume 10

Vol. 10.1cover 10.1

Essays and Verse

Ariadne’s Dancing Ground
Nicholas Kilmer

Happiness and Politics
Raymond Geuss

Pushkin and Virgil
Vasily Rudich

The Satrapy
C. P. Cavafy
(translated by Peter Green)

Augustine’s Pears and the Nature of Sin
Garry Wills

Anouilh’s Oedipus: Outer Light and Inner Darkness
Marianne McDonald

Heidegger’s Greeks
GlennĀ W. Most

Voice From The Front

Tony Harrison’s Prometheus: A View from the Left
Edith Hall


Classics, Theory and Thought
S.J. Harrison, ed., Texts, Ideas, and the Classics: Scholarship, Theory, and Classical Literature
Susanna Morton Braund, Latin Literature

Charles Martindale

History from the Clouds
Victor Davis Hanson, Carnage and Culture

Steven J. Willett

Vol. 10.2cover 10.2

Essays and Verse

“Flaubertian Homer”: The Phrase Juste In Homeric Diction
Rainer Friedrich

H.D.: Pound’s Sulpicia
Mary Maxwell

Michelangelo: A Version of the Pastoral
Paul Barolsky

Richard Wollman

Homer: The Very Idea
James I. Porter

‘Metatheater’: An Essay on Overload
Thomas G. Rosenmeyer


The Poem That Came In from the Cold
M. Putnam, Horace’s Carmen Saeculare: Ritual Magic and the Poet’s Art

P. J. Johnson

Dangerous Thoughts, Puzzling Responses
Theodore Ziolkowski, The Sin of Knowledge: Ancient Themes and Modern Variations

Paul Oppenheimer


Victor Davis Hanson

Vol. 10.3cover 10.3

Essays and Verse

Death, Politics, Vision, and Fiction in Plato’s Cave (After Saramago)
Andrew Laird

From The First Georgic
(Translated by David Ferry)

Being Born Impure in the City of Cadmus and Oedipus
Marcel Detienne

Returning the Cestus of Venus
Valerie Wohlfeld

Ovid’s Colors
Paul Barolsky

Cults and Cosmic Consciousness: Religious Vision in the American 1960s
Camille Paglia

A Message from the Church of Scientology Boston

Voices from the Front

Response to Medea and Antigone
Howard Stein

Fatal Commission
Marianne McDonald


Clothes for the Emperor
Richard F. Thomas, Virgil and the Augustan Reception
Karl Galinsky

From Functionalism to Formalism: Or Did the Greeks Invent Literary Criticism?
Andrew Ford, The Origins of Criticism: Literary Culture and Poetic Theory in Classical Greece
Stephen Halliwell


Whalley’s translation of The Poetics
John Baxter and Stephen Halliwell

Carnage and Culture

Stephen J. Willett and Victor Davis Hanson