Center Staff

Deborah Chassler, M.S.W.

Associate Director
Senior Academic Researcher

Deborah Chassler, Senior Academic Researcher, received her MSW from Boston University School of Social Work (BUSSW) in 1990. She has been working in social work research at BUSSW since 1993. As Associate Director of the Center for Addictions Research and Services at the school, she is responsible for the implementation of federally funded evaluation projects, privately funded research projects, development and management of data collection activities including training materials, data analysis, and supervision of graduate students. She has worked with several BUSSW professors developing data analyses which have resulted in fifteen peer-reviewed journal articles covering a range of subjects including substance abuse treatment and HIV prevention. Before joining the Center, she was responsible for the implementation of several large scale projects funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the National Institute of Aging. Her current research interests include survey research methods with difficult-to-reach populations, and health services utilization among drug users.  In addition to research, Ms. Chassler teaches graduate level social work courses at BUSSW including ‘Social Research Methods’ and ‘Racial Justice and Cultural Oppression’.


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