MSW Pathway Program

Increasing access to social work education

Please Note: The MSW Pathways program is on hold until 2024 while we transition it to a new model that will include online options and a new recruitment approach. Please check in with us again in Jan. 2024 for the most up-to-date information regarding applications.

The MSW Pathway program was created to help diversify the graduate student and practitioner population in social work, increasing the number of individuals who will pursue a career in the field with a commitment to work with Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC) communities.

Increasing the number of BIPOC social work practitioners and allies is critical to meeting the social justice challenges these communities encounter. With support from the Accelerating the Future Foundation, this program expands on the Building Refugee and Immigrant Degrees for Graduate Education (BRIDGE) program which has successfully increased the number of individuals who are immigrants and refugees entering the social work profession since the 1990s.

The MSW Pathway program will increase the number of professionally trained social workers from underserved culturally and linguistically diverse BIPOC communities – with a preference towards those working with youth and families experiencing mental health problems or who are committed to creating programs and improving policies to help these families.  

The program offers a unique structure of support that provides a pathway to graduate academic opportunities and is organized in four phases:

  • Orientation (Pre-Admission)
  • Preparation (Pre-Matriculation)
  • Education Program
  • Career Development (Post-Graduation)

Open the sections below for information about the program structure and meeting dates.

You can learn more about applying and eligibility on our Applying & Deadlines webpage.

If you have questions about the program or application, please contact the MSW Pathway co-directors:

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The deadline to apply for the Fall 2022 MSW Pathway Program is September 15th.

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