Equity & Inclusion Committee

BUSSW’s Equity & Inclusion Committee leads our School community in promoting and centering racial, economic, and social justice, including utilizing an intersectional lens to understand how ethnicity, class, gender, disabilities, LGBT issues, and other lived experiences impact social work. A dedicated group of faculty, staff, students, and alumni work together to promote engaged conversation, collective learning, and community activities focused on equity, inclusion and anti-oppressive practice for our entire community.

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E&I Outcomes Report

BUSSW's equity and inclusion initiatives have had a significant, positive impact on our School and the greater community. From our free online course about structural and institutional racism to our speaker series and Emerging Scholars Program, the E&I Committee Outcomes Report showcases the measurable effect and influence from the 2022-2023 academic year.

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43% Faculty of Color

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice are essential components of the BUSSW strategic plan. Our school strives to nurture a diverse, inclusive, sustainable organization capable of pursuing our core purpose. To that end, we are committed to making sure our organization is representative of the social work students we teach and the community members we serve. 43% of our full-time faculty identify as members of the BIPOC community.

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E&I Speaker Series

Our Equity & Inclusion Speaker Series produces free, public, virtual events on topics related to social justice, equity and inclusion, and social work. Watch past recordings or register for an upcoming speaker series event by clicking the button below.

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The Liberation Health Model

This model was co-created by Prof. Dawn Belkin Martinez, Assoc. Dean of Equity & Inclusion. It takes a holistic, macro approach to clinical social work by contextualizing mental health culturally, politically, and historically. Watch an animated video introducing key Liberation Health concepts and its approach to clinical therapy.

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BUSSW Licensure Prep Initiative Addresses Inequity & Test Bias

Boston University School of Social Work (BUSSW) has launched a project to address inequities in social work licensure testing by providing targeted support to its BIPOC, Latinx, and non-native English speaking students, and expanding test prep for all students.

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Love Letters to the LGBTQIA+ Community

In celebration and recognition of annual Pride Month, we dedicate these love letters of support and affirmation to you – our LGBTQIA+ friends, students, colleagues, family members, and peers. We wrote these letters to let you know that you are welcome, needed, valued, respected and honored, and we hope they give you inspiration, hope, and pride in who you are.

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Emerging Scholars Program

BUSSW’s Emerging Scholars Program connects BU community members with early-career scholars who are leading innovative research in climate and environmental justice. An initiative of the BUSSW Equity & Inclusion Committee, the program prioritizes work by individuals from backgrounds that are underrepresented in academia and includes MSW class visits, networking opportunities and a spring colloquium open to the public.

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E&I News at BUSSW

Profs. Springwater, Augsberger, and Azzi-Lessing