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5/18: Prof. Lee Joins Expert Panel to Discuss Culturally Competent Mental Health

Prof. Christina Lee, who has studied the intersection of race and mental health for over two decades, will join an expert panel as part of KPM Group DC’s week-long Brain Health Awareness Week. The panel will focus on how practitioners and pharmaceutical companies can incorporate diverse perspectives to help ensure... More

6/3: Prof. Lee Shares Her Expertise on Implementation Strategies to Reduce Racial & Mental Health Care Disparities

May 5th, 2022in Events, Faculty, Research, SSW News

Prof. Christina Lee, who specializes in developing equitable behavioral treatments, will speak at a plenary seminar about the latest dissemination and implementation developments in science research. Her approach focuses on using evidence, theories, and models to build practical mental health solutions.  The event is part of the annual meeting of The... More

Prof. Ruth Paris Awarded Two Grants to Help New Mothers in Substance Use Recovery

Prof. Ruth Paris, an expert in therapeutic interventions for substance misuse, was awarded two grants for a pilot study that will help new mothers recovering from substance use disorders. In collaboration with BU School of Medicine’s Prof. Mei Elansary and Prof. Eileen Costello, and the SOFAR Clinic (Supporting Our Families... More

DIG: BUSSW Lecturer Deborah Goldfarb Advocates for Recovery-Centered Approach to Help Substance Use Disorder Patients

Instead of sending patients seeking treatment for substance use disorders to health care facilities, Massachusetts patients may be incarcerated. Activists have called for changes in the state law because incarcerated patients often face abusive prison environments that are detrimental to recovery. BUSSW Lecturer Deborah Goldfarb, an expert in social welfare... More