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Orientation for Field Instructors

Welcome to the Boston University School of Social Work Online orientation for field instructors.  This orientation includes:

  • six narrated PowerPoint presentations
  • a video vignette of a first meeting between a field instructor and a student
  • a link to additional information and resources about the Field Education program

We hope you find this information helpful as you plan for your student’s arrival and first weeks in the placement.

We encourage all field instructors to view the first two PowerPoint presentations which provide information related to all field placements.

1) Getting Started in the Field

Provides an overview of our Field Education program, basic requirements, and supports for field instructors.  Also included are recommendations for orienting your student to the internship.

2) CSWE Competencies

Introduces the 9 competencies that social work students are expected to develop and demonstrate in the MSW program.  Also included are models that conceptualize competence and essential supervisory approaches that support student learning.

The following four PowerPoint presentations describe specific programs at BUSSW. We encourage you to view those that are relevant to your student, although of course, feel free to look at any that interest you.

1) The Charles River Program

Provides an overview of the programs offered on the Charles River campus in Boston, including the full- and part-time programs, the clinical major and clinical major/macro minor options, specializations and dual-degree programs.

2) Macro Practice

Provides an overview of the macro practice program at BUSSW, including a definition of macro practice as it is taught in the SSW curriculum, macro values, activities and courses, and supervision of macro students.

3) Off-Campus Programs

Includes a description of the program structure, student profile, field placement structure and the advising system for the part-time programs at our Bedford, Fall River and Cape Cod campuses.

4) Online Programs

Provides an overview of the program and curriculum, student profile, field placement options and requirements and the advising system.

Field Instruction: Take One

This 10 minute video vignette presents a first meeting between a field instructor and an advanced student concentrating in clinical practice.  The video demonstrates the process of beginning to develop a supervisory relationship and some of the issues and information included in a typical first interaction.