Off-Campus MSW Experience

A part-time clinical social work practice program* with weekend courses and local field internships

Choose one of four Massachusetts locations

Geared towards working professionals

Our Off-Campus Program offers a part-time cohort model of education, designed for working professionals who seek to advance in their careers or change careers entirely. With many of our Off-Campus students already employed in social work-related positions, you will find a rich and diverse classroom experience. Currently, our Off-Campus Program sites are located in:

These programs, with the exception of the Worcester Hybrid Program, are entirely completed at your site location. All courses are taught by BU School of Social Work faculty.

Weekend Courses, Field Placements Within Your Community

Our Off-Campus Program structure provides accessible class time through weekend coursework. All classes at Bedford, Cape Cod and Fall River are held on Friday evenings and on Saturdays. Within our Off-Campus Program sites, we offer a network of field placement sites, providing you with the opportunity to complete your field placement close to home, right in your local community.

Cohort Learning Model

Ask any Off-Campus Program student about their experience and you will hear all about our unique and supportive cohort model, which provides a student-centered shared learning experience that greatly benefits busy adult learners.

All Off-Campus Program sites follow a cohort model in which you progress through the duration of the program with the same small learning community of students. You will develop close bonds and friendships with your group of peers during your Off-Campus Program experience, as well as build a local network of professional relationships as you go on to seek career development and professional advancement.

*The Off-Campus program is for clinical social work practice majors. Those interested in macro social work practice may participate in the Off-Campus program, but would have to take advanced macro courses either online or at the Boston campus.

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