Field Education

Beyond the Classroom

While the classroom is a critical component of social work education, having the opportunity to apply your knowledge in a real social work setting takes learning to the next level. An integral and required part of the MSW experience, field education internships offer students practical experience with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations. Internships take place in many settings where social workers practice.

Whether you’re in the Charles River, Off-Campus, Worcester Hybrid, or Online Program, field education provides an opportunity to gain essential practice skills and make a real impact in people’s lives before you even graduate. BUSSW is affiliated with over 800 social work organizations and is continually expanding its network.

Placements and practice courses take place concurrently, integrating classroom and field learning, and students typically spend two or three days a week at their internships. The field placement process is professionally guided by BUSSW staff to ensure that you are fully supported from day one.

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