Our 30 Year Goal

Be a global model in social, economic, racial, gender, and climate justice transformation by 2050.

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Who We Are

With roots dating back to 1918, Boston University School of Social Work has nearly 100 years of social work education history, a dynamic faculty leading innovative research on pressing social justice issues, and a student body engaged in programs across five campuses and online.

The strategic planning process helped us define our core purpose: Dismantle Injustice. Liberate Possibilities, as well our three core values and seven strategic imperatives. Learn more below.


Our Strategic Plan

In November 2020, BUSSW engaged in a one-year strategic planning process to define what turned out to be a clear core purpose, three core values and seven ambitious strategic imperatives. Learn more below.

Read a Letter from Former Dean Jorge Delva (2018-2023)

#1 Increase social work research & scholarship in pursuit of social justice

Enhance research and scholarship focused on social justice, health equity, and climate action. Increase the impact research and scholarship have on addressing societies' most pressing health and social problems. Grow research & scholarly partnerships globally. Expand impact of social work in health, public health, and global health to advance health equity through CISWH.

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#2 Advance social work education & practice in pursuit of social justice

Enhance practice-based education focused on social justice, health equity, and climate action. Revise BUSSW's curriculum to strengthen the integration of clinical and macro social work practice. Engage diverse partners to develop deeply integrated anti-racist, anti-oppressive curriculum.

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#3 Build a diverse, inclusive network of stakeholders

Reflect the demographics of communities we serve throughout the organization. Enhance responsiveness to stakeholders.

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#4 Nurture a diverse, inclusive, sustainable organization capable of pursuing our core purpose

Build anti-oppressive organizational systems; create a culture of solidarity. Support among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners. Assure equitable retention, graduation, and job placement rates for all students.

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#5 Innovate to improve working & learning

Develop internal & external innovative partnerships. Enhance the use of technology in all phases of work, education, practice, and research. Be forward thinking. Cultivate innovative practice methodologies and new knowledge to build human connection.

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#6 Secure necessary resources to achieve strategic objectives

Secure funding for a new building and to enhance student financial aid, school infrastructure, and programs. Grow organizational capacity to keep pace with increased enrollment. Increase sustainable funding to grow research projects and initiatives. Prioritize alignment of budget allocation commensurate with program needs across all platforms.

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#7 Position BUSSW as a leader in social justice, education, advocacy & research

Expand recruitment of students from underrepresented groups in social work. Promote our innovations in research, education, and social outcomes. Attract diverse talent, funding, and community partners to the school.

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Continuous Growth

The BUSSW community is already making significant progress on our strategic imperatives, as seen in the projects below. And we are energized to achieve even more. There are two key priorities we learned from the Collins and Porras process, 1) we must have a bold, audacious goal - one that makes us pause when we consider it. That pause is necessary to fuel our efforts. 2) Organizations that enjoy enduring success have core values and a core purpose that reflects idealistic motivations, while their strategies and practices adapt to a changing world. We are committed to being a visionary organization that stimulates progress.

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