Respond to Your Offer of Admission

Congratulations and welcome to Boston University School of Social Work! We are thrilled that you are ready to respond to our offer of admission to the program. To respond, please find your corresponding program link to your applicant gateway (see links below) and login with the credentials you used to apply. Once there, you will be able to accept or decline our offer of admission, as well as pay your tuition deposit. If you are responding to the Online Program, a tuition deposit is not required.

Please note that tuition deposits are non-refundable. Should you pay your tuition deposit and then decide to not attend Boston University School of Social Work, we are unable to refund your deposit.

(CRC Only) Accepted Dual Degree applicants: Please note that typically you only need to pay one tuition deposit to the “host” school, which is the school in which you are first enrolled. Most BU Wheelock College School of Education and Human Development (SED) and School of Public Health (SPH) dual degree students begin at the School of Social Work (SSW); thus, you would pay the tuition deposit once to SSW. If you are a School of Theology (STH) dual degree student, you begin your studies at STH and, therefore, would pay the tuition deposit once to STH.

Please find your respective campus below to respond to your offer of admission:

Please Note:

Tuition deposits must be paid through the applicant gateway. Cash or check tuition deposits will not be accepted. Tuition deposits are non-refundable.