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Yoonsook Ha

Prof. Ha Discusses Partnerships between Government & University-Based Researchers at Pusan National University

Prof. Yoonsook Ha from BU School of Social Work recently presented her research on how government agencies and researchers can collaborate to improve the policy making process for childcare provisions. She reviewed the impacts of unaffordable childcare in the US, and how subsidy programs and changes in administration can help determine better policies. The presentation […]

two children playing with toys

PhD Candidate Juliann Nicholson (SSW’23) & Prof. Ha Study How Child Care Affects Children Exposed to Violence

Current research on the impact of intimate partner violence (IPV) has shown a significant negative effect on children. Developmentally, young children who witness IPV in their homes are at particularly high risk of developing behavioral problems that affect themselves and the people around them. While past research has shown that external environments may mitigate some […]