The Center for Addictions Research and Services

The Boston University Center for Addictions Research and Services is proud to host the 2014 Addiction Health Services Research Conference, in collaboration with the School of Medicine, and the School of Public Health. The conference will be held in Boston from October 15th – 17th, 2014.  For more information on the conference, please visit the conference website:

Registration for AHSR 2014 is NOW open.

The Boston University Center for Addictions Research and Services, based in the School of Social Work (BUSSW), addresses a broad range of addiction issues affecting individuals, families, and communities struggling with substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and access to substance abuse treatment.

Our mission is to aid society in reducing addictive disorders by providing more effective, knowledge-based, and equitable addiction treatment through quality research, evaluation, program development, and training.

Leadership is provided by Dr. Lena Lundgren, Director, Dr. Melvin Delgado, Co-Director and Dr. Maryann Amodeo, Co-Director, all nationally recognized in the field of addiction. Their combined expertise has resulted in a record of high quality research, dissemination of research findings through publications and conference presentations, and an array of community innovations and interventions.

The Center’s primary components are:

  1. Research and Evaluation
  2. Consultation on Clinical Services and Programming
  3. Community Development and Prevention
  4. Training and Education