The Center for Addictions Research and Services

We are very proud of our accomplishments over more than 15 years (‘About CARS’ and ‘Grants’ contain much of this information).   We have loved working with all of you, both in Massachusetts and the national community. However, our CARS team members are starting new adventures and the Center is now closed (effective June 16, 2017).

To contact us regarding ongoing grants or other issues, please contact Dr. Lundgren at

Dr. Lena Lundgren, Director

Dr. Lena Lundgren will be the Director of The Butler Institute and a Professor at Denver University Graduate School of Social Work, effective September 1, 2017. She will have lots of fun continuing her work on her NIAAA R25, her six-year Swedish NIH Program Grant (to develop and implement an addictions health registry in Sweden), and her ongoing community-based work.  Also, together with her team at Butler, she will work to expand Butler’s research and training capacity in behavioral health and family well-being.   More information on her work and The Butler Institute can be found at:

Dr. Maryann Amodeo, Co-Director

Dr. Maryann Amodeo has retired – we all cried when she left but Maryann is having lots of fun travelling around the world.

Dr. Melvin Delgado, Co-Director

Dr. Melvin Delgado keeps writing books in a range of areas critical to social work. His two upcoming books are:

Delgado, M. (2018). Music, song, dance, and theatre: Broadway meets youth community practice. New York: Oxford University Press.

Delgado, M. (2017). Social work and the Latino community 2nd Edition: Social, economic, political, and cultural perspectives.  New York: Oxford University Press.

Deborah Chassler, Associate Director and Senior Academic Researcher

Deborah Chassler will stay on at BUSSW as a Senior Academic Researcher and will also continue to teach.

Dr. Ivy Krull, Associate Director and Research Consultant

Dr. Ivy Krull will become a Butler Institute affiliate and work with Dr. Lundgren on the NIAAA and Swedish grants.  She will also continue her teaching in sociology and social work at Emmanuel College in Boston.

Collaborators and Students

Our extremely accomplished faculty collaborators will continue doing great research, many now in collaboration with the Center for Innovation in Social Work and Health (

Thank you to all of our 2016 – 2017 students: Nicole Brooks, Jessica Charles, Blair Dawkins, Jessica Hall, Taylor Hall, Sae-Mi Jeon, Claudia Lent, Mahlet Meshesha, Brittany Mitchell, Rachel Mullins, Maria Rojo, Jessica Sousa, and Nermeen Tahoun.

Thank you for all of your support through the years – we look forward to working with you all again!