Volume 1



Vol. 1.1

Essays and VerseCover1.1

Arion: Defining Space; Defying Category
Editorial Statement
Herbert Golder

Canon Fathers: Literacy, Mortality, Power
Glenn W. Most

Classics and Contemporary Criticism
Daniel L. Selden

Jocasta’s Divine Head: English with a Foreign Accent
D.S. Carne-Ross

Ekphrasis and the Generation of Images
David Rosand

Sophocles’ Ajax: Beyond the Shadow of Time
Herbert Golder

“Just for the Thrill”: Sycophantizing Aristotle’s Poetics
Anne Carson


A Garland from Alcman
Rosanna Warren

A Journey to Brindisi in 37 B.C. (Horace, Satire I.5)
Alistair Elliot

Dream (Propertius II.26A)
Pyrrha (after Horace, Odes I.5)

Diane Arnson Svarlien

Prayer to the Gods of the Night
David Ferry


The Golden Apple
Listening to the Cicadas: A Study of Plato’s “Phaedrus,” by Giovanni R. F. Ferrari
Stanley Rosen

Rosen’s Ideas
The Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry: Studies in Ancient Thought, by Stanley Rosen
Lowell Edmunds

Language and Action
Essays Ancient and Modern, by Bernard Knox
Charles Segal

Sacred Rhetoric: The Christian Grand Style in the English Renaissance, by Debora K. Shuger
Rhetorics of Reason and Desire: Vergil, Augustine, and the Troubadours, by Sara Spence
Brian Vickers

Defensible Borders: Retailing Rhetoric
Rhetoric, by Renato Barilli
Rhetoric: The Wit of Persuasion, by Walter Nash
In Defence of Rhetoric, by Brian Vickers
Bracht Branham

Autolycus 1

Vol. 1.2cover1.2


Classics and Anthropology
James Redfield

The Atrocity of Euripides’ Hecuba
Kenneth Reckford

Racine’s Phedre: Lowell’s Phaedra
Christopher Ricks

George Eliot and Greek Tragedy
P. E. Easterling

The Transfigurations of Intoxication: Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, and Dionysus
Martha Nussbaum

Suspicion, Deception, and Concealment
Stanley Rosen

Poetry and Translations

As Catullus Wrote…
Aleksandr Kushner
Translated by Paul Graves and Carol Ueland

Alistair Elliot

Excerpts from The Cure at Troy
Seamus Heaney


Junk Bonds and Corporate Raiders: Academe in the Hour of the Wolf
The Constraints of Desire by John Winkler
One Hundred Years of Homosexuality by David Halperin
Camille Paglia

Derek Walcott’s Omeros and Derek Walcott’s Homer
Omeros by Derek Walcott
Oliver Taplin

A Commentary on Homer’s ODYSSEY, vol. I, by Alfred Heubeck, Stephanie West, and J. B. Hainsworth
Norman Austin

No Mellow Glory: Pound’s Elektra
Elektra: A Play by Ezra Pound and Rudd Fleming
D. M. Hooley

Whose Image and Superscription is this?
A City of Images: Iconography and Society in Ancient Greece, edited by C. BĂ©rard
Robin Osborne

A Classic Couple

Vol. 1.3


The Poem of Hertodotus
C.J. Herrington

Lawrence’s Odyssey
Bernard Knox

Greek Tout Court?
David Ricks

Redeeming the Text: The Validity of Comparisons of Classical and Post-Classical Literature
Charles Martindale

Buck Mulligan as a Grammaticus Gloriosus in Joyce’s Ulysses
R. J. Schork

Gilgamesh: Tablets X and XI
David Ferry


Criticism as Provocation
Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson, by Camille Paglia
Robert Alter

Unity in Greek Criticism and Poetry
Unity in Greek Poetics, by Malcolm Heath
Andrew Ford

Orality and Greek Literary History
Pindar’s Homer: The Lyric Possession of an Epic Past, by Gregory Nagy
Kevin Crotty

On Listening to Homer
The Iliad: A Commentary Volume II, Books 5-8, by G. S. Kirk
Paolo Vivante

Persons and Human Beings
The Person and the Human Mind: Issues in Ancient and Modern Philosophy, edited by Christopher Gill
Alasdair MacIntyre

The Players Come Again
Entrances and Exits in Menander, by K. B. Frost
Niall W. Slater

Sermon from Abroad
Roman Erotic Elegy: Love, Poetry and the West, by Paul Veyne
Bruce Heiden

Horace Revisited
Horace by David Armstrong
Kenneth Reckford