Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics at Boston University

Inside Arion : Fall 2014

A translation of Erasmus’ “Epitaph for a Drunken Twit” by A. M. JusterArion_22.2Cover_Cvr

Diskin Clay explores Dante and Raphael’s Parnassus

Four poems of Paulus Silentiarius, translated by Avi Sharon

Ken Moore on Plato’s “Puppets of the Gods”

“Phthisis: A Letter,” a poem by Brian Sneeden

James Tatum gives a real short introduction to classical reception theory

Aristophanes’ Frogs adapted for middle school by Helaine L. Smith

Paul Barolsky reviews The Classical Tradition: Art, Literature, Thought by Michael Silk, Ingo Gildenhard, and Rosemary Barrow

Martin A. Ruehl on Christopher Krebs’ A Most Dangerous Book: Tacitus’s Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich


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