Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics at Boston University


Inside Arion 28.1: Spring/Summer 2020


Inside this Issue:

A Vexed Pharmacopeia by Roger Michel, Alexy Karenowska, George Altshuler, and Matthew Cobb

Margaret Malamud and Martha Malamud on The Petrification of Cleopatra In Nineteenth Century Art

Two Sonnets by Daniel Galef

Migrating Characters in Don Quijote and the Aeneid by Thomas Rendall

Michael Trocchia: Two Poems

Dante’s Cannibal Count by Patricia Vázquez

Timotheus’s The Persians translated by John Warden

The Art of Interpreting Art by Paul Barolsky

In Their Father’s Library: Furnishing a Tradition by Elizabeth Powers

James Uden reviews Hunter H. Gardiner and Brian Walters on How We Write Plagues

Nancy Worman, Virginia Woolf’s Greek Tragedy reviewed by Helaine L. Smith


The Spring issue features an article on the science and history of the spice trade in antiquity by Roger Michel, George Altshuler, Matthew Cobb, and Dr Alexy Karenowska. Focusing on the early transmission of both plant matter and culinary/medical lore from east to west, the piece explores the myths and misunderstandings surrounding these important early links between Far Eastern and Mediterranean cultures. The cover shows a microtome section of bhut jolokia at 200x optical magnification. Photo by George Altshuler/CCA.

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