Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics at Boston University

Inside Arion : Spring/Summer 2015


Paradigms for Today’s Politics: Theodore Ziolkowski on Aeschylus

Karen Simons reflects on family, life and translation

Leopardi’s “Wild Broom,” translated by Steven J. Willett

Niklas Holzberg recounts the story of the Weiße Rose in Munich, 1941–45

“Hypatia, 415 CE,” a poem by Joan Alice Wood Kimball

Andrea Nightingale on the “I” and “Not I” in Augustine’s Confessions

A. M. Juster translates from Maximianus’ Elegies

Django Unchained and Terence’s Eunuchus: Ricardo Apostol on slavery and the American imagination

Brooke Clark translates from The Greek Anthology

Avi Sharon on Durrell, Warner and Katsimbalis

Five poems by Karl Kirchwey

Herbert Golder offers some further unmodern observations

Jan Kott and Ben Power, reviewed by J. Michael Walton

Stephe Harrop on George Brant’s Grounded

Iggy Pop discovers Gibbon’s Rome in America


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