Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics at Boston University

Inside Arion : Spring/Summer 2016

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Robert Frost in Roman Mode, by Theodore Ziolkowski 

Anna Jackson reads Virgil’s first Eclogue

Casey Dué examines politics, song and dance in Lysistrata and Spike Lee’s Chi-raq

Reading Virgil in the Cariboo, by Karen Simons

The agony of inclusion: Louis A. Ruprecht, Jr. on Greece as part of Europe

Marianne McDonald: James Joyce, portrait and still life

Three translations by Len Krisak

From Homer to Palladas: Gordon Braden on epic annoyance

Kimberly Johnson translates from Works and Days

Rhetoric and reputation, from Protagoras to Snoop Doggy Dogg, by Spencer Hawkins

Classics or The Closing of the American Mind, by Eric Adler

Richard Finn reviews Richard Sorabji’s Moral Conscience Through the Ages

 The last of Logue’s Iliad, by Charles Rowan Beye

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