WR: Journal of the CAS Writing Program

Issue 9, 2016–2017

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Table of Contents

Editor’s Note
Jason Tandon

WR 098 Essay

Identity Crisis
Sofia Konstantinidou

WR 100 Essays

Reflections of Butler’s Female Gender and Sexual Performativity in Vonnegut
Prize Essay Award
Lauren Higgins

An Exploration of Chekhov’s Tangible World
Sandya Kola 

Redefining Womanhood: Behind a Mask and “A Warrior’s Daughter”
Prize Essay Award
Ai Hue Nguyen

Minstrelsy and Brechtian Epic Theater: An Analysis of Satire
James Robson

WR 150 Essays

Hwa-Byung: The ‘Han’ Blessed Illness
Prize Essay Award
Wooyoung Cho

Sylvia Plath: The Dialogue Between Poetry and Painting
Molly Doomchin

Japanese Ninhonjinron and 1890s American Social Darwinism: Looking to the Past for a Solution to Japan’s Vicious Cycle of Homogeneity
Prize Essay Award
David (Ta-Wei) Huang

The Benefits of Prison Nursery Programs: Spreading Awareness to Correctional Administrators Through Informative Conferences and Nursery Program Site Visits
Analisa Johnson

Meditations in N Dimensions: The Waste Land, The Four Quartets, and Eliot’s Inquiry into the Restrictive Nature of Time
Sheila Sagear

The Grim Reality Hidden Beneath Freshkills Park’s Bright Facade
Katherine Thompson

All Hammed Up: How Hamilton: An American Musical Addresses Post-Racial Beliefs
Kylie Umehira

Honorable Mentions