For English language learner students entering in Fall 2024, the Multilingual Writer Placement will be available on Blackboard May 15-August 15, 2024.

We highly encourage students to complete the placement as early as possible so that you have the most class registration options. You do not need to sign up for the placement in advance. You will, however, need to create a BU email account before you take the placement.

All students who submitted TOEFL or other English-language proficiency test scores (both domestic and international students) as part of their applications for admission are required to take the online Multilingual Writer Placement before taking any CAS WR classes (Writing Program) and before taking CAS CC 101 (Core). Students without English-language proficiency test scores on file at BU will begin the writing sequence with WR 120 or may register for CC 101.

Students who take the Multilingual Writer Placement will be placed into WR 111, WR 112, or WR 120. Note that these three classes are designed as a sequence; consequently, students may not take two of them at the same time, and they may not skip around in the sequence.

Multilingual transfer students who have approved transfer credit for CAS WR 13* (equivalent to WR 120) and/or CAS WR 16* (equivalent to WR 151, WR 152, or WR 153) are NOT required to take the placement. They may still desire to do so, however: writing placement results, along with transfer course equivalencies, and a conversation with your advisor, can be useful to determine which writing courses you will need to complete your requirements.

We recognize that there may be some students who did not submit TOEFL or equivalent test scores but who may identify as English language learners. These students are welcome to take our placement in order to receive a recommended initial placement.

For answers to other commonly asked questions about writing placement, please see the Placement FAQs.