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Writing Program curricular innovations

Students can try something new with creative course formats like Boston Now and Mediated Integration. Designed by faculty who like to innovate and collaborate, these courses invite students to do the same.


Boston Now

Boston Now is a Writing Program curricular initiative that focuses on outside-the-classroom experiences and place-based learning. Every semester, students in our seminars explore a variety of sites and events throughout the city of Boston. When students read and write about Boston’s natural landscapes, public spaces, museums, and live performances in connection with traditional texts, they become more versatile thinkers, communicators, writers, and researchers. Boston Now has a longstanding connection to the BU Arts Initiative and is always eager to build connections with other BU faculty, initiatives, programs, and departments. 


Mediated Integration

Mediated Integration (MI) is an innovative format for joining NES (native English speakers) and ELL (English language learners) across two sections WR 120. The ELL and general instructors share a course topic and syllabus, co-plan and occasionally co- teach classes. The two sections come together periodically for discussions, workshops, and to participate in experiential and place-based activities. Participants look to answer questions such as: How can English-language learners be better served in terms of their interactions with native English speakers? What strategies can help faculty meet the needs of the diverse population in the classrooms typical of a global university? The goals of MI are to foster a multicultural perspective, create opportunities for meaningful interactions for both NES and ELL students, promote cultural understanding, help international students overcome linguistic, social, and cultural isolation and provide non-ELL faculty with ELL experience. MI aims to enhance what our diverse population has to offer one another while also creating a level playing field for all learners. We are always looking for innovative course topics and faculty interested in joining our initiative. For more information, contact Kim Shuckra (