Hafzat Akanni

“Analyzing the Body of a Black Woman”
Instructor: Jessica Bozek, WR 100

Daniel Anduze

“Adapting to Boston”
Instructor: Thomas Villano, WR 100

Miranda Bryson

“Maggie Dietz’s Feminist Tribute: Killdeer”
Instructor: Kevin Barents, WR 100

Nicholas Eberhard

“Come Hell or High Water: An Appeal for the Preservation of the Ancient City Hasankeyf and Kurdish Culture through Discontinuation of the Ilisu Dam”
Instructor: Laura Heath-Stout, WR 150

Samantha Harpool

“Being Native, Not Going Native, In Africa”
Instructor: Rebecca Kinraide, WR 100

Katherine Hastie

“Recovery Through Fantasy:  How and Why the Fantastic Affects Hannah Goodwin of Steven Millhauser’s ‘The Barnum Museum’ and Aimee of Kij Johnson’s ’26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss’ Differently”
Instructor: Theodora Goss, WR 100

Caroline Kohler

“Everything We Think We Know About The Obesity Epidemic Is Wrong. And That’s a Good Thing.”
Instructor: Sarah Madsen Hardy, WR 150

Jamey Miller

Instructor: Carrie Bennett, WR 100

Lucas Soffer

“Reconciling the Existence of God with the Events of the Shoah”
Instructor: Ingrid Anderson, WR 100

Madeleine Werner

“Claude McKay, Langston Hughes, and Amiri Baraka: A Portrait of the Evolution of Black Patriarchy in Poetry”
Instructor: Jason Tandon, WR 150

Jing Xiao

“Behind Famine”
Instructor: Kevin Barents, WR 098

Yazdani Malik Mustafa

“Kingdom of College Dropouts”
Instructor: Stephen Hodin, WR 100

“Lovers in a Waste Land”
Instructor: Anthony Wallace, WR 150

Yu Qi

“Symbiotic Identities”
Instructor: Christina Michaud, WR 100