WR: Journal of the Arts & Sciences Writing Program

Issue 3, 2010–2011

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Table of Contents

Editor’s Note
Marisa Milanese

Prize Essay Winners

Klimov’s Come & See as a Work of Cinematic Response
Laura Brubaker

A Key to His Consciousness: Smell in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as Young Man
Krissy King

Disorganized Attachment and the Orbitofrontal Cortex as the Basis for the Development of Dissociative Identity Disorder
Sean Manton

WR 100 Essays

Opposing Industrial Food
Peter Stevens

Clown By Day, Documentarian by Night
Albert Tawil

WR 150 Essays

Obstetric Ultrasound in the Developing World: An Advance in Prenatal and Maternal Health, or a Facilitator of Gender Selection?
Chantal de Bakker

Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop: Street Art and Our Quest for Authenticity
Ethan DuBois

Immigration in Lowell: New Waves of Nativism
Matthew Lavallee

A Blurry Vision: Reconsidering the Failure of the One Laptop Per Child Initiative
Namank Shah

Honorable Mentions