WR: Journal of the CAS Writing Program

Issue 11, 2018-2019

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Table of Contents

Editor’s Note
Samantha Myers

WR 112 Essays

In Defense of Linguistic Diversity: Globalization of Languages Implies Identical Thinking
Tomiris Kaumenova

Is the Inuit Territory a “Black Eye”? The Loneliness of Justin Nobel’s “Magical Place”
Romil Pandey

WR 120 Essays

Persepolis: The Process of Self-Approval
Youqi Chen

Hello, Hometown/Depicting Perspective Shifts in Graphic Memoirs vs. Oral Storytelling Narratives
Rachael Johnson

Anthems of the Struggle
Minh Anh Nguyen

Resisting Indigenous Stereotypes in Media
Rockwell Tang

KHC 112 Essay

A Common Faith: Religious Faith and Political Fanaticism in For Whom the Bell Tolls
Julia Furmanek

WR 150 Essays

Eliot’s Reality: Teaching The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
Forrest Immerwahr

Cheetah Conservation Through Citizen Science
Komal Kango

Quality Education…In This Economy? Evidence From The Great Recession
Mary Lulloff

Responses of urban gray squirrels (Scurius carolinensis) to humans and conspecifics in an area of Boston Common
Tony Wallace Award for Writing Excellence
Emma Rademacher

From Mug Shots to Masterpieces: Identities Revealed Through Immigration Portraits of the Chinese Exclusion Era
Matthew Yee

WR 151 Essay

First Responders: The Evolution of Presidential Roles and Rhetoric in the Era of School Shootings
Martin Fido Award for Prose Style
Elinor Yeo

WR 152 Alternative Genre Works

The Princess and the Podcast
Ana Cecilia Carvalho and Alexander Lasalvia

Is Veganism White?
Hermon Minda

Bringing Free Period Products to BU
Elizabeth Nelson

Where the Mountain Gods Live
Aurore Zhang